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having two spouses at the same time

the offense of marrying someone while you have a living spouse from whom no valid divorce has occurred

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Last night, another bigamy victim, Jann Wallace, from Leamington Spa, gave an insight into the mind of serial bigamists.
Coronation Street's Peter Barlow is unmasked as a bigamist by his two wives - in front of shocked regulars at the Rovers Return.
Dr Prem Misra, an expert on sexual problems, said: "Basically, bigamists have abnormal personalities whereby they get a little bit of satisfaction and pleasure from keeping things going.
Some people actually look forward to the discovery of bigamists, outlaws and scalawags hanging on the branches of their family tree.
The Barcelona Inquisition pursued a strategy of "survival through insignificance," persecuting blasphemers, French or Gascon Protestants, and bigamists.
The maximum sentence is seven years in jail, although judges are rarely so harsh and the average sentence for convicted bigamists is four to six months.
BBC documentary Bigamy, Stories Of Deception catches up with various bigamists - all in the multiple marriage business for differing reasons, all with their own stories to tell.
THEY'RE one BIG family, but the law says Tom Green is the daddy of all bigamists.