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someone who marries one person while already legally married to another

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Details of the ceremony were posted on the website of the cathedral where it took place and, when she contacted the chaplain, he confirmed he had been duped into conducting the bigamist wedding.
The risk a bigamist runs of having his two families suddenly becoming acquainted with one another's existence could be tragic, you'd imagine, certainly stressful.
Porriott was a convicted killer as well as a conman, bigamist and quack doctor - and he was known to hate prostitutes.
THE Apprentice star Jennifer Celerier will be stunned to discover she was married to a BIGAMIST for three years.
Veteran actor Patrick Mower has revealed how his Welsh dad was a bigamist.
government has accused him--on the basis of dubious evidence provided by Russian investigators--of being an embezzler, a bigamist and a draft dodger.
BIGAMIST Neil Matthews has been spared a prison sentence partly for the sake of his young son.
Bigamist, card sharp, prison escapee and faker of his own death are just some of the epithets attached to Nat Clifford, who was more favourably remembered as an acrobat, music-hall entertainer, writer and silent-movie actor until his death in 1948.
When our elder son was five, we took him to a production of The Three-penny Opera, about a bigamist throat cutter and a prostitute.
A BIGAMIST who bludgeoned his second wife to death before hiding her body in a car boot was jailed for life yesterday.
A bigamist is seen as perpetrating fraud against the state, causing a disruption in record keeping and, in some cases, upsetting the practice of inheritance and estate laws.
A double bigamist who was brought to justice when one of his 'wives' turned detective was told by a judge yesterday that he had committed a heartless crime.
Harris also said that he is not a bigamist, although his agent later said that Harris technically is married to two women.
who is a mate of Nos 2 and 3 A WOMAN who married three times but never divorced her first husband told last night of her "total surprise" when police told her she was a bigamist.