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the highest level of an occupation (especially in entertainment)

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You can visit the millionaire playground of Palm Beach, Florida, and live the good life for a fraction of what big-timers spend.
The guilty parties, by the way, are not fly-by-night companies but big-timers like R.
There were no big-timers, nobody so comfortable with their own place in the side that they'd inhibit those less confident - and certainly nobody willing to put a wall around themselves in a bid to keep Eriksson's influence out.
They're hall of famers in the world of computers, big-science big-timers that any high-tech company would love to have on its team.
Wales first produced a string of internationally popular bands in the mid to late 1990s, including the Phonics, Manics, and Catatonia, but these big-timers sang mainly in English.
They seemed to get it last year, and we're optimistic they'll continue a we have the potential to make a respectable showing (at the national indoor meet), but the big-timers have to show up and score the points.
The moody, unstable Angel (Spaniard Eduardo Noriega) and El Nene (Argentine Leonardo Sbaraglia), known as "The Twins," are small-time crooks and lovers who are contracted by big-timers Nando (Carlos Roffe) and Fontana (Ricardo Bartis) to hijack a wage-delivery truck, along with driver El Cuervo (Pablo Echarri).
Sadly for Walsall, that day was not yesterday as Graydon's men, needing victory to dislodge Fulham from pole position, were held to a draw by big-timers Manchester City.
By the time these two NHL big-timers get back on the ice - both are in contract disputes - it could be time for the '98 Winter Olympics.
He said: "There are no big-timers in our dressing-room.
None of them were big-timers who thought 'He's a young lad, what's he saying to us?
It will be players at their levels who will keep the faith rather than the so- called big-timers, who take without giving too much in return.
Anchored to the bottom after collecting just three points from a possible 30, and embarrassed by Anton Ferdinand's world tour of the Isle of Wight, they would not be in such a mess now if the big-timers had poured such effort into the battle on a more regular basis.
ANY day now tanned big-timers will be back from the beaches to tell us what a tiring soccer season lies ahead.