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the highest level of an occupation (especially in entertainment)

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The guilty parties, by the way, are not fly-by-night companies but big-timers like R.
There were no big-timers, nobody so comfortable with their own place in the side that they'd inhibit those less confident - and certainly nobody willing to put a wall around themselves in a bid to keep Eriksson's influence out.
They're hall of famers in the world of computers, big-science big-timers that any high-tech company would love to have on its team.
They seemed to get it last year, and we're optimistic they'll continue a we have the potential to make a respectable showing (at the national indoor meet), but the big-timers have to show up and score the points.
None of them were big-timers who thought 'He's a young lad, what's he saying to us?
Sadly for Walsall, that day was not yesterday as Graydon's men, needing victory to dislodge Fulham from pole position, were held to a draw by big-timers Manchester City.
By the time these two NHL big-timers get back on the ice - both are in contract disputes - it could be time for the '98 Winter Olympics.
He said: "There are no big-timers in our dressing-room.
It will be players at their levels who will keep the faith rather than the so- called big-timers, who take without giving too much in return.
Anchored to the bottom after collecting just three points from a possible 30, and embarrassed by Anton Ferdinand's world tour of the Isle of Wight, they would not be in such a mess now if the big-timers had poured such effort into the battle on a more regular basis.
ANY day now tanned big-timers will be back from the beaches to tell us what a tiring soccer season lies ahead.
As the years pass, I expect him to be one of the big-timers.
He finished ahead of Jack Nicklaus, Corey Pavin, Payne Stewart, John Daly and several other PGA big-timers.