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There are no big-timers, just a group of lads who are all working hard and giving a hundred per cent every week - and that includes the lads who are not involved.
Wales first produced a string of internationally popular bands in the mid to late 1990s, including the Phonics, Manics, and Catatonia, but these big-timers sang mainly in English.
Keeping our feet on the floor is the challenge now but the boys are really down to earth and there are no big-timers at the club.
Especially if he looks over his shoulder and sees experienced big-timers such as Karlsson, Donald and defending champion Paul Casey breathing down his neck.
That faith stems from last season's remarkable victories over big-timers Exeter and Leeds.
We have a genuine bunch of boys here, there are no big-timers who are just here to pick up their wages," he added.
There are no big-timers in our dressing room, and if they were there are plenty of people who would pull the rug from under them pretty quickly
We've got no big-timers, the lads love each other and work hard for each other.
You can visit the millionaire playground of Palm Beach, Florida, and live the good life for a fraction of what big-timers spend.
The guilty parties, by the way, are not fly-by-night companies but big-timers like R.
There were no big-timers, nobody so comfortable with their own place in the side that they'd inhibit those less confident - and certainly nobody willing to put a wall around themselves in a bid to keep Eriksson's influence out.