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being among the leaders in one's field

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The scores themselves were in turn used to bestow the Judges Big-Time Small Destination Award, with Ronda in Spain taking the title.
There are important costs that policymakers need to consider when they think about the funds that are being directed toward big-time sports," Lindo said.
In looking for the likely causes, this professor of English and American studies at Indiana University points his finger at big-time college sports and the special problems they present to undergraduates.
In fact, we have convincing evidence that the vast majority of these students simply don't care about big-time national programs or championships.
First, big-time college basketball is corrupt but not Satanic.
When a manager indulges in it, he must back up his words with bold, big-time actions.
Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games, and that's the way it is.
He's not going to panic and bring in four big-time free agents just because the Ducks won.
The men who run big-time bodybuilding love to pretend that it is only for straight people.
This alternately thrills and horrifies his superiors, who on the one hand are delighted when Darias gets big-time traffickers to launder money through Dean, and on the other are horrified that their top-secret project is controlled by a walk-on with a felony record.
According to Cery Perle, chief executive officer of Newport: "Newport is determined to give small businesses big-time products that anyone can use.
The Big East has escaped the kind of major recruiting scandals that have plagued big-time basketball schools like Kentucky and Nevada-Las Vegas.
I've said this before, and I'll say it again, Larry is just one of those big-time players who makes big-time plays in big-time situations,'' Taft coach Derrick Taylor said.
That's right--every jammin', big-time phrase you read in this piece, homegirl, is now official.