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very expensive

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Data now exists to help advertisers recognize a major new opportunity to sell small and big-ticket items on male-intensive media outlets.
With the acquisition of the big-ticket orders, Wistron will see the ratio of shipments to Hewlett Packard over its total shipments reach 15%.
Will this hesitancy to increase their debt and a negative "wealth effect" associated with declining home prices mean consumers will spend less on big-ticket items this Christmas season?
To accelerate development of its far-flung regions, Hokkaido and Okinawa, Japan's central government set up agencies to build scores of big-ticket dams, bridges, ports and roads.
Orders for big-ticket goods at factories dropped 3.
The industrial revolution is inherently exploitative, and providing the poor with more money to buy big-ticket items will not change the abusive nature of our way of life.
Mexican tourists wait months for visas to go to Florida, while foreign buyers of big-ticket items such as planes and construction equipment can't get into the country to finalize sales.
Mayer and the like--some content will clearly be big-ticket "A" content that drags 'em in, while some is doomed to the "B" list.
The holiday season is the big-ticket time of year for choirs in general," says Kenneth T.
Jones's company is scheduled to present a mixed-repertory program June 9 at the festival, which draws big-ticket performers and big revenues to the region.
This is referred to as sourcing, which begins with a shopping list from a buyer who is in need of big-ticket items but doesn't mind if they are used goods.
Since the vogue of the immaterial and attempts to mobilize a brave new world of art through a series of "negative realities"--no object, no authorship, no ownership, no limits--we have, in fact, observed that alongside every historically memorable idea, event, utterance, or surrogate thing whose authority derives from its diminished materiality or visuality, there exist chunkier big-ticket items, without which the ephemeral would long since have been forgotten.
Blueport Commerce is the only e-commerce technology and services company that localizes big-ticket retail online.
has gained the sanction of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise so far as P7 billion from the sale of preferred shares, increasing funds for its big-ticket infrastructure projects.