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very expensive

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He admitted though that some big-ticket properties were facing legal problems, delaying their sale.
With massive support from the government, we know that contractors are willing, ready and able to group together for increased efficiency and capability to implement big-ticket infrastructure projects," Castelo said.
By contrast, he said, there was evidence of the "lipstick effect", with people opting for smaller treats instead of big-ticket buys.
The figures reaffirm the momentum and sustainability of Dubai's real estate market, which is following an upward growth trajectory," he said, aided by the development of big-ticket infrastructure projects and the positive investment climate.
Consumer aversion to spending on big-ticket items (such as cars, holidays and large appliances), appears to have been magnified by upward pressures on household debt, as well as stretched cash available to spend.
Lim said some of the big-ticket projects in the region have already bee allocated with budgets, the coastal road was allocated P2-billion this year for road-right-of-way acquisitions.
This digital divide between online research and online purchases is wider for big-ticket items, for which Internet research plays an even larger role but the vast majority of sales occur in-store.
With the acquisition of the big-ticket orders, Wistron will see the ratio of shipments to Hewlett Packard over its total shipments reach 15%.
Will this hesitancy to increase their debt and a negative "wealth effect" associated with declining home prices mean consumers will spend less on big-ticket items this Christmas season?
The BRC's director general, Kevin Hawkins, said: 'The mood amongst customers is still cautious, especially for big-ticket purchases and confidence remains generally weak.
For that reason, Americans have felt more comfortable buying big-ticket items, from SUVs to new computers to Disney World vacations.
Jaffe attributes the long wake-up call to the Army's penchant for big-ticket equipment designed for big wars.
To accelerate development of its far-flung regions, Hokkaido and Okinawa, Japan's central government set up agencies to build scores of big-ticket dams, bridges, ports and roads.
Orders for big-ticket goods at factories dropped 3.
The industrial revolution is inherently exploitative, and providing the poor with more money to buy big-ticket items will not change the abusive nature of our way of life.