big-leaf maple

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maple of western North America having large 5-lobed leaves orange in autumn

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PLUMAS COUNTY - Dazzling Indian Rhubarb and Big-Leaf Maple adorn a creek in Plumas County, California, where fall foliage fans gather each October hoping to catch the "peak.
You can't lose the trail, which means you can lose yourself in the Douglas fir, incense cedar and big-leaf maple trees flanking the climb.
Chris Borg and Scott Altenhoff (right) of Sperry Tree Care haul off hunks of a big-leaf maple as Doug Hornaday saws through limbs of the tree.
The young trees, including Oregon ash and big-leaf maple, were planted along Third and Lawrence last spring.
SPRINGFIELD - Acting on the advice of an arborist, the Springfield School District had a 100-year-old big-leaf maple felled on its property Tuesday.
Though a vintage big-leaf maple sheared rafters and rained plaster inside Steve McGuire's 1906 home near Fourth Avenue and Monroe Street, he doesn't want such trees cut down.
The team will plant about 30 big-leaf maples, Oregon ash and cottonwoods Saturday at 10 a.
Doug firs with thick moss beards tower over the trail, standing tall next to alders and big-leaf maples.
Big-leaf maples are among the 3,400 trees waiting to be planted by 75 volunteers on Saturday morning.
One day they'll be able to walk their grandchildren through a stand of towering cottonwoods, spreading big-leaf maples and Oregon ash," said Chris Orsinger, executive director of the friends' group.