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Because for all that we put on a facade of generosity, fairness and big-heartedness, there's a reflex judgment in so many of us which cruelly equates a single teenage mum in a high rise with one word - scum.
Tony Stevens, managing director for Redrow Homes (Lancashire), based in Chorley, said: "I'd like to thank all who attended for their support, for without their big-heartedness, we wouldn't have been able to make such a sizeable donation.
Lynn Robson, a transplant co-ordinator at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, said: "These figures show the big-heartedness of people in the North East.
The couple form a close team, with Linda's enthusiasm and motherly networking skills complementing Peter's steady, practical and creative business sense and big-heartedness.
WS minus 20 minutes: Thanks to logistic difficulties--involving permits and gate keys and Sapsucker big-heartedness, I am riding in the van for the start of the contest.
The big-heartedness of Hoffmann's enterprise remains impressive.
Ron Sege, Echelon's President and Chief Executive Officer, added, "The people with whom Ken worked over the years will deeply mourn his loss and miss his spirit, good humor and big-heartedness.
Countless people across Britain could share similar examples of his big-heartedness - like the Sheffield university rugby captain who still recalls a dinner in 1977 where Cliff was the speaker who enthralled his audience, gave his team cash to "buy the boys a drink after the game the next day" and wrote a thank-you letter he cherishes to this day.
Through their big-heartedness, along with the generosity of the millions of Americans who gave, The Salvation Army is able to continue their work to help those in need.
Your big-heartedness can see you making generous gestures.
And it manages superbly to combine a deep sense of service to the buyer with pounds 38,000 to invest, with rugged big-heartedness and a forgiving nature for the rashest of drivers.
The fact we were slogging it out with each other says something of the big-heartedness of Wales.