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were actually forming on my lips when in answer to a question, Simon - without a trace of big-headedness - said that being a good-looking actor has its down side.
And the Englishman has told his compatriots their World Cup disaster was down to the big-headedness of their top players.
2) For all their collective big-headedness, their team names were Venture and Logic.
No big-headedness, no airs and graces, just an amiable chappy enjoying his new surge of success.
And while the church opposite snooker's own cathedral for the last 25 years proclaimed the message 'Blessed are the meek', there was not a trace of arrogance in Hendry's demeanour, not a hint of big-headedness as he prepared to kick-off the World Championships against first-round opponent Stuart Bingham tomorrow.
Ian Wylie, Paisley, said: "I'm a St Mirren fan and although Danny Lennon's done a decent job, he's in danger of losing the plot in terms of big-headedness.
THE feline fool is now adding bossiness and ' big-headedness to his list of crimes.
You could almost forgive a bit of big-headedness for that kind of success but Beverley feels only love for what she does.
Sadly for the Jambos, he was deadly serious when it came to discussing the game and was quick to deny big-headedness by his club who will see Tynecastle for the first time tonight.
There is no big-headedness or cockiness about Stephen, just an awareness that he is a very, very good footballer.
But there was no hint of big-headedness whenhe declared after the final Old Firm game of his career that only someone of Rivaldo's stature would be capable of filling the boots he will leave in the Parkhead dressing room this summer.
LEO had always been a cocky kid, and his big-headedness finally put me off.