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Using the wood press, shaping boards, and other general manufacturing duties are par for the course for these big-headed, otherworldly workers.
I'll say this in a nice way, not a big-headed way: I am an incredible teacher," says Dulaine.
I'm not being big-headed but I think it was proven against Bradford that I need to play at home,' he said.
Explaining his nickname: 'On occasions I have been big-headed.
But Federer admitted: "I can see why it is easy for people to get carried away - to, perhaps, get arrogant, big-headed or full of themselves.
Following this week's outburst from Man Ure target Louis Saha, insinuating he's too good to play for a `small' team, it's tempting to ponder whether this sort of big-headed mentality has spread among other members of the side.
SOPHIE Ellis-Bexter told the National Music Awards audience that she didn't want to be big-headed.
I don't want to sound big-headed,' says Murphy who qualified for a first ever Wembley appearance by winning the Benson & Hedges Snooker Championship at Malvern last November.
Hoffmann began studying the big-headed ant, Pheidole megacephala, in 1996 for his Honours project at the Northern Territory University.
Suppose you had a large head and you learned that a lunatic was decapitating big-headed people who walked to work during the day.
Most Obnoxious, Arrogant (and deluded) Big-headed Big mouth of the Series (The Apprentice, BBC1, Wednesday).
There's no chance of getting big-headed here, then.
We should not get too big-headed but think of others, many of whom will be doing a vital job for the world in which we live.
For example, a slobbering, big-headed Saint Bernard would never be mistaken for a prancing, curly-haired Poodle.