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The Labour leader said: "There is nothing worse than a big-head fireman from Wavertree who makes false claims and makes the city look stupid.
Hmm, seems you don't need to be Sherlock to spot the big-head.
Di Canio was scathing about an admission by big-head Totti that although he loved Roma he would only stay with them if they built a side that could challenge for the title again.
Spalletti was forced into a humiliating climbdown after his players branded the Manchester United star a big-head for supposed showboating and vowed to target him at Old Trafford.
BIG-HEAD former Arsenal star and Barca and Chelsea reject Manu Petit hammered another nail into the coffin of his rapidly expiring reputation by pricing himself out of a move to Brescia in Italy Club spokesman Gianluca Nani said: 'We have about 50,000 Euros available and he demanded one million.
Big-head Chilavert, who was shown yellow, whined: ``Some people want to become famous by doing things against me.
FULHAM boss Chris Coleman has labelled striker Collins John the pounds 5million big-head whose time has come.
Big-head Emperor Kuzco is transformed into a llama by evil Yzma.
And in what closet have I stashed my big-head Prince?
If saying 'I know I'm good enough' makes me a big-head, so be it - but I feel, when I'm on my game, I could still compete at Old Trafford.