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Synonyms for big-chested

marked by a large or well-developed chest


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I was quite big-chested then and they all got frightfully excited.
Remarks," Gertrude Stein told the big-chested war correspondent, "are not literature.
Nolte's Max Hoover is the veteran of the squad, a wheezing, chain-smoking big guy who smashes and bashes his way through any obstacles in his path, perhaps out of guilt that he's been boffing a big-chested babe (Jennifer Connelly) while his trusting wife, Katherine (Melanie Griffith), waits at home with a book (at least it's Hemingway, rather than Hints From Heloise).
Although the fiancee of footballer Frank Lampard has taken over from the big-chested blonde, she will not be copying her revealing outfits and plunging necklines.
Embarrassingly, it had to be pointed out to Mick that in Eastern Europe those big-chested blokes with moustaches ARE actually women.
And she put on a little bit of weight while doing it, leaving her with the type of Edwardian-like figure that us mere mortals can only dream of - big-chested and little-waisted with short, dimpled fingers which look like they're made of fudge.
Among the shoppers are the otaku, or techie geeks, who obsess on everything from Gundam figures to porno anime featuring wide-eyed, big-chested girls who do amazing things with octopus tentacles.
n AND celeb spotters also noticed big-chested actress Brigitte Nielson - who starred in Beverley Hills Cop, Red Sonya and Rocky IV - having her hair done in Celtic Manor Hotel yesterday.
The readers of lads' magazines might like to drool over some big-chested blonde with a flat stomach in a wet T-shirt.
Ayrshire lass Suzanne, 25, has been picked to front Curves and Laces, who specialise in lingerie for big-chested women.
Which ex-Wales rugby player was spotted in Cardiff's Mill Lane this week with eight big-chested women in tow?
The top is ruched at the chest and she's big-chested anyway so it really draws attention to her bust.
I never had any physical pain from being big-chested - for me, it was purely a practical consideration.