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Synonyms for big-chested

marked by a large or well-developed chest


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Although the fiancee of footballer Frank Lampard has taken over from the big-chested blonde, she will not be copying her revealing outfits and plunging necklines.
Embarrassingly, it had to be pointed out to Mick that in Eastern Europe those big-chested blokes with moustaches ARE actually women.
And she put on a little bit of weight while doing it, leaving her with the type of Edwardian-like figure that us mere mortals can only dream of - big-chested and little-waisted with short, dimpled fingers which look like they're made of fudge.
n AND celeb spotters also noticed big-chested actress Brigitte Nielson - who starred in Beverley Hills Cop, Red Sonya and Rocky IV - having her hair done in Celtic Manor Hotel yesterday.
The readers of lads' magazines might like to drool over some big-chested blonde with a flat stomach in a wet T-shirt.
Ayrshire lass Suzanne, 25, has been picked to front Curves and Laces, who specialise in lingerie for big-chested women.
Which ex-Wales rugby player was spotted in Cardiff's Mill Lane this week with eight big-chested women in tow?
The top is ruched at the chest and she's big-chested anyway so it really draws attention to her bust.
I never had any physical pain from being big-chested - for me, it was purely a practical consideration.
The 33-year-old Click star said she is curious about big-chested women as she has a small bosom.
I'm a big-chested girl, I've got curves, hips and a waist - and they're all mine.