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having a bone structure that is massive in contrast with the surrounding flesh

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I'm not big-boned or pleasantly plump, I'm just fat because I'm greedy," the Birds of a Feather star confessed.
The big-boned singer has since deleted all of his Twitter messages related to the incident.
I'm big-boned We'd all love to believe it's large frames that are to blame for our size.
He is stocky, big-boned and extremely explosive and difficult to manage as we've seen this year.
A shiny new Tesco Extra would also mean big-boned former England talisman Sir Fredward Flintoff will never be more than five minutes away from grabbing a pasty or two when he's hobbling about for his sometime county on those bionic knees.
This is because their owners were impatient, seeking immediate screening, and so chose plants that are big-boned and fast-growing.
The 28-year-old size 16 crooner from Pontarddulais will celebrate her sexy curves by joining Taray May, 21, and Carla Mitchell, also 28, in The Curvy Kittens, a big-boned trio encouraging larger men and women across the UK to live it up in luxury at the weekend.
49 at Majestic) is just as big-boned - a big, ripe, purply red with abundant, creamy blackcurrant and black cherry fruit.
Presumably they paid for the big-boned full-back by the kilo.
There the notoriously big-boned merrymaker replicated the famous workout regime from Rocky IV in anticipation of the millions of cookies still waiting for him in living rooms across the world.
Absolute Torch and Twang (1989) The joyride: Hay bales and big-boned gals
Or if you are big-boned or bird-legged or the colour of the silky night.
But their intense rediscovery of each other is causing friction with both their families - especially with Betty's big-boned, big-mouthed daughter Kelly, played by the wonderful Ruth Jones (far right).
He's big-boned but light on his feet and is in great shape for a keeper.
WE HAD A CLASS BULLY IN EIGHTH GRADE, A big-boned, slack-jawed boy who liked to talk with his hands.