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Synonyms for big-bellied

having a prominent belly

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But the evidence of big-bellied seahorses does not support this.
The Australian big-bellied seahorses are the most experimental and Caribbean slender seahorses are simply aqua-slappers.
Over his 27 years in Congress, the veteran Judiciary committee chair--described by The New York Times as "a big-bellied curmudgeon with a taste for old Caddies, pontoon boats and enormous cigars"--has established a reputation as a wily legislator, his style equal parts political principle and capricious cunning.
I bet our Euro pals are not too thrilled about the influx of big-bellied, beer guzzling Brits, who do nothing but moan about how the Eurovision Song Contest is fixed.
She understood what was underneath the surface of the big-bellied children.
The Big-Bellied sea-horses at the Blue Reef Aquarium are part of a captive-breeding programme which aims to ease the pressure on wild populations.
Big-bellied Sam joined the family and Cilla was quickly head over heels in love.
Or they'll figure she's been softened by motherhood, having given birth to curly-haired daughter Cicely on the Fourth of July, an event that Bernhard didn't talk about even as she appeared big-bellied onstage in skintight designer garb.
Then a big-bellied, four-engine C-17 transport testing at Air Force Plant 42 swept in low, waggled its wings and tilted into a steep bank.
A gigantic inflatable rendition of the big-hearted, big-bellied character from "The Nutty Professor" will light up Times Square TONIGHT to celebrate the release of the year's biggest comedy hit on home video in front of the Virgin Megastore.
Set in one of three deer-friendly states - West Virginia, Connecticut and Minnesota, Deer Avenger takes players to the deep woods in search of the illusive big-bellied deer hunter, yuppie or tree hugger.
David made clear he won't name her after a big-bellied bulldog.
Clothes for big-bellied guys are the fastest growing clothing sector on the High Street.
Simon who catches fish consistently on Thompson's Pool was rewarded with a superb big-bellied mirror weighing 32lb 12oz.
Arriving around midnight, the big-bellied reveller and her gang of mates were already in party mood.