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Synonyms for big-bellied

having a prominent belly

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The research was based on the courtship rituals of the big-bellied seahorse, called Hippocampus abdominalis.
The Big-Bellied seahorses at the Blue Reef Aquarium are part of a captive breeding programme which aims to ease the pressure on wild populations.
People who were overweight or obese--but not big-bellied were 1.
The Australian big-bellied seahorses are the most experimental and Caribbean slender seahorses are simply aqua-slappers.
Over his 27 years in Congress, the veteran Judiciary committee chair--described by The New York Times as "a big-bellied curmudgeon with a taste for old Caddies, pontoon boats and enormous cigars"--has established a reputation as a wily legislator, his style equal parts political principle and capricious cunning.
I bet our Euro pals are not too thrilled about the influx of big-bellied, beer guzzling Brits, who do nothing but moan about how the Eurovision Song Contest is fixed.
She understood what was underneath the surface of the big-bellied children.
The Big-Bellied sea-horses at the Blue Reef Aquarium are part of a captive-breeding programme which aims to ease the pressure on wild populations.
Big-bellied Sam joined the family and Cilla was quickly head over heels in love.
Or they'll figure she's been softened by motherhood, having given birth to curly-haired daughter Cicely on the Fourth of July, an event that Bernhard didn't talk about even as she appeared big-bellied onstage in skintight designer garb.
Then a big-bellied, four-engine C-17 transport testing at Air Force Plant 42 swept in low, waggled its wings and tilted into a steep bank.
There are good performances in Q & A, too-notably by Nick Nolte as a blustering, big-bellied New York cop and Armand Assante as a sleek, uptown gangster-but that's about all I can say for the film, even though its writer-director is the thoroughly honorable Sidney Lumet.
Set in one of three deer-friendly states - West Virginia, Connecticut and Minnesota, Deer Avenger takes players to the deep woods in search of the illusive big-bellied deer hunter, yuppie or tree hugger.
David made clear he won't name her after a big-bellied bulldog.
Clothes for big-bellied guys are the fastest growing clothing sector on the High Street.