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extremely lofty evergreen of southern end of western foothills of Sierra Nevada in California

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The big tree, with all the seeming of hardihood, promising to stand for centuries to come, had suffered from a hidden decay.
Young girls, with flowers in their laps, sat under the wide-spreading boughs of a big tree.
He climbed to the top of a hill and lay down in the grass, and as he thought under the shadow of a big tree.
They said all right, but before they left they sent one of the grandsons to climb a big tree in the barnyard, where he tied the demijohn sixty feet from the ground.
In the heavy shadows of a big tree before Doctor Welling's house, he stopped and stood watching half-witted Turk Smollet, who was pushing a wheelbarrow in the road.
The big tree loomed bigger and closer, and as they bore down on it he thought: "It's waiting for us: it seems to know.
Kim replied, lying out under a big tree at the fork of the Doon road, watching the little ants run over his hand.
The trees have been previously root pruned by the staff of Big Trees Inc.
If the tree makes it to state champion status and it meets more detailed criteria, it is submitted for inclusion in the National Register of Big Trees.
The National Big Tree Program was established that same year and the national register of American Forests Champion Trees --then called the American Big Trees Report--was published the following year.
GIANT TREES OF WESTERN AMERICA AND THE WORLD is his attempt to document those which remain and provides a catalog of the West's big trees of all species, from BC's 400- plus foot Lynn Valley fir to the massive redwoods of California.
I think they should check the big trees and if they see anything that should be taken care of they should do it prior to anything happening rather than later.
Not too long ago, the big trees were in serious trouble.
To steady big trees, they wedge them into washtubs, or set them into rock-filled 5-gallon buckets or in oil-changing pans mounted to plywood bases.
Nancy Penrose, owner of Big Trees, remarks, "It's a pretty significant project considering the size of trees we are working with, and the limitations of access to get them to their planting locations.