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extremely lofty evergreen of southern end of western foothills of Sierra Nevada in California

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It's all made possible by a vast network of supporters, from the Big Tree Coordinators in every state to sponsors like The Davey Tree Expert Company.
The hotel and its guests will be participating in the initiative to support The Big Tree Country scheme, and the donations collected during the drive will be used to manage the trees and woodlands in the estate surrounding the hotel.
In The Big Tree Top offers a variety of activities for children including craft making, imagina tive play with puppets and tunnels.
Hard-core big tree folks cut their own, particularly in the Northwest's timber country, where there's access to larger, less expensive trees than elsewhere.
Big Tree Climate Fund, founded in 2007 by Frederick Schilling, former CEO of Dagoba Chocolate, provides carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates and tree-planting programs to companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and lower their environmental impact.
Big Tree has recently exhibited at the International Toys and Games Fair held in Hong Kong January 7-10, 2008.
The two big tree hunters are also walking tree identification guides, even pointing out plants we could eat.
We want our customers to know that when they order through Big Tree Toys they can be sure that our personnel have conducted a thorough and rigorous testing of these products for safety, quality and reliability before they ever leave China.
com/), a big tree sales and tree transplant company, was contacted by a local Chamber of Commerce to help address a major seasonal problem.
DALE LUTHRINGER, environmental education specialist at Cook Forest State Park, and Bob Leverett of the Native Tree Society invited me to give a presentation about the National Big Tree Program for an advanced tree-measuring workshop this past spring.
SENSE) (OTCBB:SEHO), a diversified holding company operating in both the United States and China, announced that the company has entered into an agreement to acquire Big Tree Toys, Inc.
Big tree enthusiasts usually have to wait a year for an updated National Register of Big Trees.
City rules require developers to plant two oaks for each big tree removed.
As a lifetime member and ardent big tree enthusiast, who has followed American Forests' commendable Champion Tree Program, I was distressed to find that the 2010 Register was not being published.
He was so committed to sharing the beauty of big trees that he printed a Big Tree Calendar each year.