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the first largest innermost toe

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When we walk, most of our weight tends to go through the big toe joint.
Until recently the only resolution for extreme cases was to have the big toe joint fused together.
Other types of big toe injuries occur during everyday activities, such as dropping a heavy object on the foot or even badly stubbing your toe.
Johnson's injury flared from nasty blisters on his feet and especially his right big toe, which is his front-landing foot in his explosive delivery stride and also spread into his right foot, which suffered hefty pounding through five consecutive Ashes Tests at home, the report added.
The Warning: Bunions When the joint at the base of the big toe faces extra pressure, it can swell and form a bunion: a bony protrusion on the side of the foot that may be painful as the big toe moves out of alignment.
Jon "Bones" Jones may have successfully defended his UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 159, but it almost cost him his big toe.
It is most common in the big toe, but can develop in any joint.
A MAN who accidentally cut off his thumb has had his big toe attached in its place by surgeons.
Surgeons at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol transplanted his big toe on to his hand to create a new thumb
PARIS: A superbly preserved artificial big toe found strapped to the mummified remains of an Egyptian woman is the oldest functional prosthesis ever found, experts said Monday.
Ingram, who lives with wife Diana at Devizes in Wiltshire, yesterday recalled the moment he saw his severed big toe lying on the ground.
It's a hard bump at the base of my big toe and I'm pretty sure my other foot is going the same way, although that's not causing pain as yet.
Summary: A dog has potentially saved his owner's life in the US by chewing off his infected big toe.
After suffering a fall at the end of a recent trail race, I felt tremendous pain in my left big toe but was able to limp across the finish.
DOCTOR'S ADVICE Your shoes should be fit to the length of your long second toe, not your big toe.