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the first largest innermost toe

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An infection on my right big toe even led the doctors to cut off my tendon, so that to this day I can no longer flex the toes on my right foot.
As a result, the big toe would have become more prominent and the human foot a more stable base for walking upright, Kingsley speculates.
Your podiatrist may recommend exercises to strengthen muscles and tendons around the big toe.
Another remedy is rubber toe separators placed between the big toe and second toe, which helps straighten the big toe and lessen the bunion bulge.
Now consultant surgeon Rajiv Limaye of independent NHS provider Tyneside Surgical Services (TSS) based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, is carrying out an alternative procedure - big toe joint replacement procedure.
com/JonnyBones/status/328420461312610304/photo/1) tweeted a photo of the repaired toe after the fight, writing "Got my big toe back intact :).
Mr Byrne, a paver and plant operator from Fishponds, Bristol, said plastic surgeon Umraz Khan advised him he would miss a big toe less than a thumb.
Surgeons at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol transplanted his big toe on to his hand to create a new thumb
Jacqueline Finch, a researcher at the University of Manchester, did just that with two volunteers with disabilities not unlike that of Tabaketenmut, who may have lost her right big toe to gangrene caused by diabetes.
Ingram, who lives with wife Diana at Devizes in Wiltshire, yesterday recalled the moment he saw his severed big toe lying on the ground.
It's a hard bump at the base of my big toe and I'm pretty sure my other foot is going the same way, although that's not causing pain as yet.
Summary: A dog has potentially saved his owner's life in the US by chewing off his infected big toe.
After suffering a fall at the end of a recent trail race, I felt tremendous pain in my left big toe but was able to limp across the finish.
A A bunion is more than just a bump on the side of the big toe.
5 : the rounded bulge at the base of the thumb or big toe <the ball of the foot>