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scientific research that requires massive capital investment but is expected to yield very significant results

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Much of the most advanced research takes place at Big Science facilities, and their need for high-tech solutions provides great innovation and growth opportunities for private companies.
Michael Hiltzik's outlook on Big Science in his book by that name is more upbeat, placing physicist Ernest O.
Beyond the sheer thrill of the story, Hiltzik's delightful book is invaluable as a basis for reckoning how Big Science can persevere and evolve.
The article is divided in three parts that account for the synthesis of a doctorate thesis (3): the first part addresses the structure and dynamics of the modern world system in order to verify the place where the dual of biotechnologies can be found; next, biology is analyzed as the core science of power strategy, revealing the structure of the Big Science, the constant search of biology, despite its apparent silence and the outcome of the biotechnological era.
SixSq role in the Helix Nebula initiative, a partnership between big science and business players under the leadership of CERN, ESA and EMBL to chart the cloud computing development in Europe, has established SixSq as a European cloud expert.
I'M hosting The Big Science Quiz this week so I've been doing my research.
As Laura Sanders reports on Page 16, the initiative may well be one of the most ambitious big science projects ever proposed, h la the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Program and the Human Genome Project.
Julia Thomas' previous installation Big Science II formed part of the Translation exhibition at BayArt
I think we're in an era now of very large big science coming to the brain," said Evans.
Try your hand in the Big Science Bake Off or attend an evening of "science-y stand-up" comedy.
The solution that addresses the real issue is to enable the R&D community to connect and to collaborate through data; to gain insight to challenging problems through improvements to underlying data quality, provenance and availability: in short--"Big Collaboration for Big Science using Big Data.
The findings were presented at the Big Science Summit, a conference organised by The Atlantic magazine.
was a big science and math nerd in high school, and I was also interested in the environment.
Big Science projects like CERN and the International Space Station have become global undertakings.