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scientific research that requires massive capital investment but is expected to yield very significant results

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Using the original guiding principles-team science, big science and open science-the Allen Institute generates useful public resources for researchers and organizations around the globe.
Beyond the sheer thrill of the story, Hiltzik's delightful book is invaluable as a basis for reckoning how Big Science can persevere and evolve.
Try your hand in the Big Science Bake Off or attend an evening of "science-y stand-up" comedy.
The solution that addresses the real issue is to enable the R&D community to connect and to collaborate through data; to gain insight to challenging problems through improvements to underlying data quality, provenance and availability: in short--"Big Collaboration for Big Science using Big Data.
The findings were presented at the Big Science Summit, a conference organised by The Atlantic magazine.
was a big science and math nerd in high school, and I was also interested in the environment.
The scale and budget of some similar Big Science projects either underway, or on the drawing board, could leave you gasping.
Big Science projects like CERN and the International Space Station have become global undertakings.
Steve Mosby Reading outside the genre you write in is always a good thing, and I'm a big science fiction fan.
Summary: LONDON -- Students from the Rashid bin Humaid School, Ajman, won the Big Science Challenge on their project about provision of fresh water in a contest held in London recently.
BNA) -- The five Bahraini prize winners of the Big Science Challenge, run by the British Council and Rolls-Royce, from Al Wisam School in Manama took part last week in a visit to the Rolls-Royce facilities at Derby, UK.
The Big Science Challenge contest, which runs until February 3, is open to teams of up to five pupils aged between 11 and 16 from secondary schools across the Middle East and the UK.
Lite Modernism describes postwar American modernism as an ongoing cultural debate among intellectuals and artists about common anxieties and themes, including totalitarianism, authoritarianism, the atomic threat, the rise of big science, changing gender roles, and identity formation.
The company already has several educational development programmes already on the ground or in the pipeline for the Middle East, such as the Big Science Challenge with the British Council and having been a founding member of the British University in Dubai (BUiD).
Dubai It's time to brush up on science trivias students, as "The Big Science Challenge" is here.