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the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)

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I figured that at best I'd get a cup of coffee as a big leaguer, so when the job opened up at Stanford I became an assistant coach under Ray Young.
GIRL of the moment Davina McCall is joining the big leaguers like Cilla Black and Carol Vorderman at the top of the pay charts after ITV offered her pounds 2 million to stay with Don't Try This At Home for two years.
Though Ross Perot won nearly 20 percent of the popular vote, the presidential election came down to a choice between two Big Leaguers who'd played politics nearly all their adult lives.
Former big leaguers will play a vintage baseball game with equipment and rules similar to what was used in 1880.
Over one-third of Big Leaguers swing Marucci and the company is still majority owned by current and former Big Leaguers, including Jose Bautista, who is on the Marucci Sports Board of Directors, and Player Advisory Board Members David Ortiz, Chase Utley, Albert Pujols, and Andrew McCutchen.
Even the 2012 trade had Boston getting only marginal talent rather than the legitimate big leaguers acquired this week.
There are also a handful of unaffiliated, independent leagues populated by players who could not secure a contract with a major league organization and former big leaguers or contract minor leagues looking for a second chance.
Both are former big leaguers who spent all of this past season in the minors.
All of this information, says Olstein, is available in the quarterly and annual reports that every company must file with the SEC--yet one more source of online data to help you make investment decisions just like the big leaguers do.
Baseball, with its attendant summer leagues, would provide an outlet for young energies (sandlot baseball has just about disappeared, and the departure of the big leaguers is one reason why).
Major League Baseball greats Yogi Berra, George Brett, Chipper Jones, Albert Pujols, Don Mattingly and Justin Verlander are just a few of the notable big leaguers who have played American Legion Baseball.
Many big leaguers head for Key West or Bermuda during their time off, but not Thornton.
No worry: Some of the Trays' rivals are close enough to their parent squad to get some big leaguers.
On a day when manager Grady Little reiterated the Dodgers' commitment to their stockpile of young talent, saying the club will "stay the course" and continue to wait for those players to develop into bona fide big leaguers, the streaking Colorado Rockies provided another lesson in what can happen when a club sticks with such a plan.