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the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)

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Current and former Big League partners include Albert Pujols, Anthony Rizzo, Buster Posey, David Ortiz and Jose Bautista, and other players who advise, test, and approve Marucci's full line of baseball and softball products before going to market.
In addition, in support of the thesp union, the Society of Stage Directors & Choreographers will not execute contracts with the producer for its non-Equity tours, including the upcoming "42nd Street," unless Big League signs contracts with Equity.
In winning the 300th game of his 19 1/2 -year career, Clemens at age 40 becomes the 21st big league pitcher to reach that milestone.
This is our 10th Big League Dreams Sports Park, and it's a great fit for Las Vegas," Russell said.
Big brother Jim also made it to the big leagues -- as an umpire.
The bubble blowing excitement began Friday in advance of the skills clinic where Big League Chew inventor Rob Nelson gave away pouches of the bubble gum to those in attendance and rallied the crowd to tap into their best bubble blowing skills.
He is doing so in hopes of finding a job in the big leagues, finding a way to get major league teams to think of him as the Russ Ortiz who won 21 games in 2003, rather than the version that struggled so badly that the Arizona Diamondbacks decided last season that they'd rather pay him $22 million not to play for them.
He started Big League Tours in 2006 because he felt baseball tour companies needed to offer more than just tickets to the game.
s monumental induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the launch of the "Big League Chew Live the Dream" promotion, which features a one-of-a kind Big League Chew package immortalized with Cal Ripken Jr.
The Antelope Valley's District 51 Big League softball team might no longer be in title contention, but its most recent performance suggests it hasn't quite lost its competitive edge.
Each of the 18 Good Seed recipients received a baseball autographed by a Big League Baseball All-Star, a Good Seed T-shirt, a Good Seed award certificate and an ample supply of DAVID Seeds, a leading brand of ConAgra Foods.
Her Antelope Valley-based District 51 Big League softball teammates can throw as many as their high school and college coaches allow, too.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Big League Tours, a baseball tours company launched in 2006, helps fans see baseball from a heightened perspective.
The Antelope Valley's West Regional champion District 51 Big League softball team features one of the nation's most feared lineups.
DAVID Seeds 80th Anniversary Summer Tour - To celebrate its 80th Anniversary, DAVID is embarking on a Summer Baseball Tour, featuring fun for fans with games, contests, the latest big league equipment and signed memorabilia.