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At the end of a week the big house full of beds was half empty.
His people were wealthy and titled, and he went home to England and sold cat's meat, sat around their big house till they gave him more money to start a rubber plantation in the East Indies somewhere, on Sumatra, I think--or was it New Guinea?
The butler in Miss de Barral's big house had seen the news, perhaps earlier than anybody within a mile of the Parade, in the course of his morning duties of which one was to dry the freshly delivered paper before the fire--an occasion to glance at it which no intelligent man could have neglected.
To see 'your' children walk to and from their parents each day with a smile on their face is much more important than a big house and fast car.
com)-- Big House Publishing, a New York-based boutique independent music publisher, continues its expansion by announcing a three-year sub-publishing deal with David Gresham Music Publishing.
Prison Life in Popular Culture: From The Big House to Orange is the New Black
Contract award: sa theatre vanemuine big house of the vanemuine six, inspitsiendi-, audio and video systems for the renovation.
Q People assume you've As got millions and a big house.
We teach them in our financial literacy programme that a big house is a dead investment," she said, referring to their programme for OFWs in several countries, including the UAE.
convinced 10 domestic helpers to run away and sheltered them in a big house in Al Ghafia area.
For a minimum donation of PS1, people can put a personal message in memory of a loved one on the tag on the trees outside the Big House in Church Street.
Howard said: "DJ Cedric Gervais, who said he was a big fan of my music, asked to do a big house remix on one of my old songs earlier this year and he rocked up with an amazing tune.
Modern Family" star Ariel Winter's sister bought her a new big house.
The Fair City star is presenting The Big House, a new four-part TV3 series which tells the story of men and women who worked in service, back in the heyday of the Irish landed gentry.
His research and publications, in particular The Decline of the Big House in Ireland(2001); The Big Houses and Landed Estates of Ireland A Research Guide (2003), and his report to the Irish government A future for Irish historic houses (2003) has concentrated academic, political and public attention on these houses.