big enchilada

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The West will be around and it will remain the big enchilada for a lot more time - if only because it can project and use power in a way that the emerging economies can't.
I'm going for the big enchilada this time," said Grant, a Navy veteran.
The NFC championship game is good, but this is the creme de la creme, this is the big enchilada and this is the reason we play this game.
Veteran Michael Gambon plays a mean gangster Eddie Temple, the big enchilada, whose missing daughter becomes one of Craig's many problems.
Designed by prominent Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, its brightly colored exterior raised eyebrows when the plans were first unveiled and earned it the nickname "The Big Enchilada.
Already, says McAuliffe, South Carolina, Michigan and Arizona Democrats have indicated they will grab early February dates, and there is talk that California--the big enchilada in Democratic delegate selection--will move its primary forward to take advantage of the opening.