big enchilada

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Network Computing's findings underscore growing recognition among IT managers and CIOs that the big enchilada of remote access management doesn't have to leave them with something akin to heartburn; worries about access and management, security and cost-effectiveness don't have to pile up in layers of increasing discomfort.
So, ODOT may figure if it can't provide the big enchilada, it can at least give the cities some sauce with freshly made freeway signs.
The big test is the November 1998 elections - that's the big enchilada for Latinos because so much is at stake,'' said Gonzalez.
The big enchilada that costs just a dolla': A Christmas-tree ornament of Izzy, official mascot of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.
My Greek friends in London assure me that Syriza will ditch its anti-capitalist, Marxist rhetoric once it assures power but I remember my Venezuelan friend telling me the same thing when a paratroop lieutenant-colonel named Hugo Chavez first became the big enchilada in Caracas.