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anything of great importance or consequence

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In October last year The Big Deal alleged that comparison sites were filtering out the tariffs which do not pay commission.
The record is a real watershed, and there s a whole new generation of fans about to be born right before our eyes, added Dave Ayers of Big Deal Music.
For libraries, the perceived benefit of the Big Deal was "access to a greater number of journal titles and a stronger negotiating position through the purchase of a greater volume of content by large consortia," says Frederick Friend, honorary director scholarly communication at University College London.
It will be a big deal because no one will understand it.
I'm not surprised that your BFF feels confused or left out, and it's probably not helping that everyone is insisting that what's a big deal to her is "no big deal.
The announcement, made last week by South Milwaukee-based Bucyrus is also a big deal for the Houston plant, where the announcement was made.
Travel Business Review-7 May 2010-Priceline Announces Big Deal Rental Car Price Guarantee Promotional Offer(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
In the Big Deal or No Big Deal Survey is a list of questions that you and your co-counselor(s) should answer individually as honestly as possible.
Of course, some details do turn out to be a big deal for professional investors.
It is a big deal for those with the drive and capacity to complete a degree to commit the substantial time and finance required.
Durham County Council's children and young people's services has become the first employer in the area to sign up to the Big Deal.
American company Big Deal Games has developed interactive games that people can play at the cinema.
I thought it'd be 10,000 or 15,000 because an ocean crossing is a big deal for a fighter pilot because you're strapped into an ejection seat for 10 or 11 or 12 or in some cases 15 or 16 hours.
I'm really proud that he is so sensible and mature and don't want to get him into more trouble by making a big deal of things at school, or worry his mum.
We started comparing it to other logistics movements in our past history, and we thought it was a pretty big deal.