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anything of great importance or consequence

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Small Town Big Deal originally aired on cable station RFD-TV, where it grew into one of that station's most popularly rated programs.
In October last year The Big Deal alleged that comparison sites were filtering out the tariffs which do not pay commission.
The record is a real watershed, and there s a whole new generation of fans about to be born right before our eyes, added Dave Ayers of Big Deal Music.
Get the golden envelope and YOU get to take part in the Big Deal Grand Finale this Saturday at midday in Bells Crossgar showroom.
The Big Deal Rental Car Price Guarantee promotional offer is valid until June 2, 2010, on booking a Name Your Own Price rental car.
Spending this time before something becomes a "big deal" will open the door for future conversations that can quickly turn a potential misunderstanding into that which is "no big deal.
David Williams, the council's corporate director, said: "We are proud to be the first employer to sign up to the Big Deal.
American company Big Deal Games has developed interactive games that people can play at the cinema.
I thought it'd be 10,000 or 15,000 because an ocean crossing is a big deal for a fighter pilot because you're strapped into an ejection seat for 10 or 11 or 12 or in some cases 15 or 16 hours.
I'm really proud that he is so sensible and mature and don't want to get him into more trouble by making a big deal of things at school, or worry his mum.
We started comparing it to other logistics movements in our past history, and we thought it was a pretty big deal.
Their first big deal, an attempt to import color televisions, was a disaster.
I was right--China is a big deal, as many of the past Bravo winners say in interviews in this issue--but I was wrong too.
310) ended with the question, "Is this a big deal or a small effect?