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He said big cats being top predators played a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystem but their population was declining due to varied threats, including loss of habitat and prey, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade.
Across the UK] we are into the hundreds, if not thousands, of big cat sightings.
The alliance was initially conceived of the Big Cat Conference in 2016 which brought together 22 sanctuaries and partners dedicated to caring and advocating for exotic big cats.
According to the figures from the British Big Cats Society, between 2004 and 2012 there were more than 300 big cat sightings.
If all the currently threatened and declining prey species within big cat natural ranges were to go extinct, only 39 percent of the African lion's prey and 37 percent of Sunda clouded leopard's would remain.
Yesterday morning a member of the public contacted North Wales Police with claims a big cat, such as a tiger, lion or puma, was roaming near the Snowdonia village.
The child's page is a warning portrait of the big cat growling, titled "No
Tulisa has roar power COMEBACK star Tulisa seems to be channelling her inner big cat.
BIRMINGHAM based Big Cat Group have been appointed to deliver the events and marketing programmes for Coventry's Fargo Village development.
However, Ian Bond, an ecologist from Darlington who has sifted through more than 200 big cat reports, said he would be surprised if there weren't some real sightings out there.
BIRMINGHAM PR and events company Big Cat Group has taken over a London-based 'experience marketing' agency.
We never play with her because those who see such an intimacy between a big cat and humans may want to have such a big cat to play with.
These teeth are wider apart in a big cat than a dog, which would enable Dr Hemmings to eliminate dogs as being behind the attacks.
A BIG cat roamed the British countryside at the turn of the last century, an expert from Durham University has shown.
Yet in that time, no live big cat has been captured, no body of any big cat has been proven to be found, and there have been no reports of any person being attacked by one of these creatures.