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He was boasting to me that he is a big businessman and he can put anyone in jail while pointing at Chaudary, who was standing away from us, he then told me that he sent a text message from Chaudary's phone that landed him immediately in jail and he can put him back there again," he said.
He is a very big businessman and Russia has an experience of cooperation with him.
They are entrepreneurs who combine the energy of a start-up with the confidence of a big businessman.
He is a big businessman from London who wanted somewhere to entertain his high-profile clients.
Fawaz Zureikat, who was the chairman of the Mariam Appeal, was a big businessman doing business in Iraq.
The world of the male big businessman is a little like stomping into Iraq with weapons of shock and awe--and then lying about why you did it.
Eric Chia Eng Hock, the former head of Malaysia's state-controlled Perwaja Steel, was the first big businessman to be arrested on corruption-linked charges.
Ackland is powerful and sympathetic as the big businessman who gradually falls apart, financially and emotionally, while Scacchi is suitably sultry.
If you are a big businessman, don't waste your time reading this article.
The toys are produced by a ruthless big businessman who uses military microchips to make a set of soldiers and the aliens who are their enemies.
What we are all missing here is this, is there a hidden agenda on the part of the Quezon City government in trying to cause all of these requirements despite compliance, Lagman said, pointing out the local government want them closed to accommodate a big businessman.
Japarov said if a big businessman files a report to the General Prosecutor's Office, he would be asked to pay $1,000 for opening of the criminal case.
It was nice to see a big businessman, who people seemed to really love.
Of hosting the Bird Group, which went on to propose the controversial eco-town he opposed, Mr Maples said: "Tony Bird is a big businessman in the constituency.
He'd die for it, you know - he's a big businessman in Monaghan but I don't think he spends much time with the business at all.