big business

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commercial enterprises organized and financed on a scale large enough to influence social and political policies

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The government instead of announcing an amnesty scheme for big business should announce an amnesty scheme for those people of the working classes whose electricity bill average's Rs.
We were told that Puno had been rather 'unaccommodating' when it came to big business interests.
It is only when the state turns its back on Big Business and actually listens to the main stakeholders-the drivers, operators and the commuting public - can we start to hammer out a propeople ransport modernization program.
While a majority of Democrats say that big government poses the biggest threat, many more Democrats (41%) than independents (25%) or Republicans (7%) say big business is the biggest threat.
The view of the British public is clear: we are facing a crisis of trust in big business and the UK wants the next government to respond accordingly, safeguarding the UK's small business community.
The small business boss warned: "While big business and Government agencies are allowed to continue to abuse their dominant position, by ignoring or contracting out of the legislation, then SMEs will continue to go to the wall.
However, the reality is it's said to be more like a Christmas list for big business.
This country is run, through politicians, for big business.
It's pointless, the person you elect has his/her orders, handed down from big business, which later rewards them with a position in their or some equally profitable business.
Kishwar says small and big business should work together to forge economic growth
Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney walks a big beat: the unholy alliance between corporations and the state, which he first chronicled in his 2006 book The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money.
ICS Industrial Cooling has replaced old chillers at Leeds Vacuum Formers (LVF), using an interest-free loan of [pounds sterling]40,000 LVF received from the Carbon Trust's Big Business Refit.
The Carbon Trust's survey of 165 SMEs coincides with the launch by Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis, of the Carbon Trust's Big Business Refit campaign.
In the battle between big business and the climate in Australia, business has won.
08) where he points out that we are again seeing the benefits of socialism coming to the rescue of the financial incompetence of big business and its managers.