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a stock exchange in New York

the large display board at the New York Stock Exchange that reports on stocks traded on the exchange

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I hope workplaces, community centres, pubs and homes in Wales and across the UK will be filled with the sounds of shakers, tiles and laughter as we team up with Hasbro Gaming for our Really Big Board Game Day on May 15.
For integration in big board plants, the system can be specified such that it follows the cycle time of the press.
As well as the combined effort - which will be built on a big board - children can make their own individual mini parks, plant seeds, make kites and flowers, do leaf rubbings and do a soil and earth worm survey.
Chairman and CEO Mary Junck said that in deciding not to implement the reverse split, the board of directors looked at current market conditions, forecasts and other factors including the chances of remaining in listing compliance with the Big Board.
The transaction is expected to create the largest designated market maker on the Big Board, representing more than 850 listed issues, including 109 members of the Standard & Poor's 500 .
We had no ear pieces, so the floor manager had to write us messages on a big board.
If we were quoted on the Big Board, our market caps would be soaring and we'd be voting big dividends.
Try hiring Dick Grasso to be your new CEO, and pay him even more money than he was making at the Big Board.
The company is the first in 2003 to list on the Big Board and is trading under the stock symbol "AGP.
Corporate financial executives, internal auditors, audit committee members, external auditors--and all accounting professionals--need to be aware of the new corporate governance rules the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has proposed to help the audit committees and external auditors of companies listed on the Big Board address the weaknesses that led to accounting and corporate reporting failures.
The first black-owned company listed on the Big Board was BET Holdings Inc.
Going to the regulated quotation service ensures that the transition from the big board is "as seamless as possible," president and CEO Richard E.
Outages at the big board have been rare since the NYSE began a massive upgrade program ten years ago, spending over $1bn in the process.