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a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)

the place where something divides into two branches

the act of splitting into two branches

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In the next section, we give some preliminary results about the local Hopf bifurcation of (1.
In Section 3, formulas for determining the direction of Hopf bifurcation and stability of periodic solutions are derived.
Of particular note here is Benonzi's presentation of Whitehead's metaphysics as a more philosophically tenable basis for articulating and defending a Christian theological ethic compatible with the convictions that all creatures have moral worth and that God is truly affected by--and indeed truly loves and cares for--the world, convictions that Benzoni argues are systematically incompatible with Aquinas' metaphysics of moral bifurcation (127).
This "microkinetic approach" helps in understanding the complex interactions between different surface species and the surface chemistry of the catalyst which is essential to realize bifurcation behaviour.
When Discos bifurcation plan was discussed with him, he (the minister) told the senior officials of the ministry to also look into other options instead of the bifurcation alone,' the official explained.
Further stressing on the issue, the Andhra Chief Minister averred that the state government is currently healing the bifurcation wounds.
The prime minister feels that the bifurcation of Pesco is of particular importance in view of its unique nature in terms of operational efficiency in different regions under its control.
The relation between stream length ratio and bifurcation ratio confirms geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological nature of the research area.
Methods: One hundred and fifty-nine consecutive patients were included (166 bifurcation lesions) in this prospective, single-center registry.
Hyderabad: The agitation against the delay in bifurcation of High Court and provisional allocation of lower court judges of Andhra origin to Telangana had intensified further with the judicial officers and the advocates taking to the streets against the suspension of their 11 colleagues by the High Court.
In many biological models and practical problems, bifurcation and chaos are undesirable behaviors.
The critical value of time delay at which Hopf bifurcation occurs is obtained.
Among the topics are basic concepts and linearized problems of systems, an isochronous center in a complex domain, the theory of center-focus and bifurcation of limit cycles for a class of multiple singular points, local and non-local bifurcations of perturbed Zq-equivalent Hamiltonian vector fields, and center-focus problems and bifurcations of limit cycles for three-multiple nilpotent singular points.
a developer of stents designed to treat coronary bifurcation lesions, has filed the final module of its Pre-Market Approval application with the US Food and Drug Administration for the Tryton Side Branch Stent, the company said on Monday.
Two types of bifurcation may be especially beneficial: traditional bifurcation and reverse bifurcation.