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Synonyms for bifurcate

to separate into branches or branchlike parts

Synonyms for bifurcate

split or divide into two

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divide into two branches

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In addition, it does not provide any practical means for bifurcating the compensation-related feature of a warrant from its investment-related function.
Continental, which opposed the original NPRM issued last fall, said DOT "abdicated its responsibility," that the plan "failed to resolve the significant legal and policy concerns raised by Congress, industry and labor," and that it "makes it clear that foreign investors will be allowed to control all significant decisions at a US air carrier and highlights the unworkable nature of bifurcating control of a corporation.
Black was everywhere in this show-in the treated film imagery, in the darkened projection space, and in the painting's bifurcating forms, which promised to bleed off the canvas and onto the surrounding black walls.
Sometime in 1997, I was discussing calendar control and judicial efficiency with one of my colleagues, Judge Amy Donner, who said that she was bifurcating most of her cases.
This patent protects the company's stent technology, which is useful in stenting coronary lesions that occur at bifurcating vessels effectively expanding the range of treatable cases.
Transaction cost research," writes Adam Sussman, report author and TABB Group senior consultant," is bifurcating.