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divided into or made up of two parts

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According to the company, AFX2 reduces procedure steps for the delivery and deployment of the bifurcated endograft.
If Bifurcated Life seems to reveal the disarray and immediacy of interiority, it also serves to uncover, the superego's constant self-policing of the id.
A first stretchable zone is bifurcated at a transverse middle of the crotch region so as to extend in two laterally separated portions to the opposite lateral zones of the front waist region.
One robust finding from our article is that unitary fees lead to an unambiguous increase in the incidence of trial relative to both the fixed fee contract and the bifurcated contingency fee contract.
The FlowMedica Bifurcated Infusion System delivers therapeutic agents directly to the kidneys through a dedicated infusion catheter, allowing simultaneous coronary procedures and agent infusion through a single access site in the femoral artery.
A potential conflict with Statement 133 arises because for some insurance contracts with embedded derivatives, Statement 133 requires that the insurance contract be bifurcated and the embedded derivative be accounted for separately (i.
The system uses straight or bifurcated fiberoptic headlight cable.
From 1997 through May 2000, as judge in the 11th Circuit Court, I have bifurcated hundreds of cases in which the issues of liability and damages were involved.
Parker's initial chapter on "Images of Society in Early Twentieth-Century Peru" is a masterful description of the bifurcated hierarchy of gente decente and gence del pueblo (literally, decent and popular peoples).
And then about two-thirds of the way, he tops this bifurcated focus with a quasi-Wizard of Oz gesture.
The diluent used to rehydrate the vaccine contains brilliant green, which makes the vaccine easier to visualize when administered with bifurcated needles.
Global theory lays a new foundation based on a more sound microeconomic model of risk, bifurcated markets, global fees for integrated episodes of care, and most important of all, patient/physician sovereignty.
For example, recognizing that the transaction represents, at least in part, an expense of moving the employee, the transaction could be bifurcated, with part of it viewed as capital and the remainder treated as ordinary in nature.
This report details the responses of a comprehensive survey conducted of interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and cardiac surgeons on product preferences, placement techniques and trends in the use of drug eluting and bare metal stents, bifurcated stents, bioabsorbable stents, stent grafts, vulnerable plaque diagnosis and treatment and endovascular imaging technologies.