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Synonyms for biform

composed of two parts or things

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having or combining two forms

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The crossing of male and female in the sexual register metamorphosing single Hermaphroditus into biform Hermaphrodite is predicated on visual and linguistic crossings.
The prefix ha-, including its biform *han-, originally marked adnominal usage and developed into the definite article in various CS languages.
The final long -a in the biform -na in Aramaic has been interpreted as the definite article (Brockelmann 1908: [section]107v).
A rare biform that was nearly extinct already in classical times is the older fem.
The biform 'el is only used in the Pentateuch and only eight times.
13) In Ge'ez, the /t/ of the demonstrative pronouns, which also have biforms without -tu/-ti, is most likely taken from the independent pronouns we'etu (3ms) and ye'eti (3fs).
Barth assumed biforms with different vowel qualities for PS, *'ull and 'ill, while, for example, Bauer and Leander reconstructed forms with only one PS vowel, *i, but with two alternate word-final syllables, *'illa and *'ilay.
Most MSA languages have biforms with /n/or/m/, as shown in the case of Harsusi below.
Besides the more common longer forms Classical Arabic has biforms without the prefix ha- to express near deixis.
Furthermore, Hebrew has biforms for expressing near deixis in the singular that are composed of the above-mentioned demonstrative base plus a prefix halla-, that is, the definite article plus an original element *la-.