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eyeglasses having two focal lengths, one for near vision and the other for far vision

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In my case I had them place the bifocal in the upper part of my right lens.
To prepare for a data breach now and understand what to do should a crisis occur is truly the definition of a bifocal view of cyber risk--and the source of security today and in the future.
Using bifocals requires coordination, never my strongest suit.
More specifically, the children accommodate much more accurately through their bifocals than do the control children through their ordinary lenses.
If you need bifocals to read, you still need them in your shooting glasses so you can read headstamps of cartridge cases and caliber markings on firearms.
After a great deal of frustration with my new bow, I came to the conclusion that with my eyesight and bifocals I simply could not use a peep sight.
Still, in FDA clinical trials and post-trial market research, many patients have said goodbye to bifocals and reading glasses.
Or, they get bifocals, which have divided lenses-a top part for seeing far and a bottom part for seeing near.
The good news is that we're far from the days when the only solution was a pair of bifocals or dime-store reading glasses.
In his life, Franklin founded the first major civilian hospital and medical school in the American colonies, studied the effectiveness of smallpox inoculation, invented bifocals and the "long-arm" to make life easier for the aged and afflicted, and became a proponent of improved preventive care, bedside medicine, and personal hygiene.
As Franklin aged, deteriorating eyesight inspired another invention: bifocals.
Why are we running two pages of service anniversaries, when the type is so small that the very people we're supposed to be recognizing can't read their own name without putting bifocals on?
I wore bifocals when I bought my first computer and quickly realized there had to be a better way.
She was a Charter Member of Marshall Memorial United Church in Ancaster where she was active in the UCW and the Bifocals, a former member of Alberton Seniors and the Ancaster Lawn Bowling Club.
According to Cable Car Eyewear vice president of merchandising Dawn Sagorski, Sunlight Readers are made with a special lens-molding technology that allows them to function like bifocals but without the telltale line on the lens.