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People who wear bifocal glasses know all about how the distorted view they get when looking downwards at the ground.
The lens is not useful for those who use bifocal glasses.
Rather than use a magnifying loop that can play tricks with perspective, she wears drugstore reading glasses on top of her prescription bifocal glasses.
Janet Vranish from Taylor, WI asked a question regarding using bifocal glasses and having problems focusing through her peep.
Using regular bifocal glasses when computing can cause problems, as can glasses with progressive lenses because the intermediate zone is too narrow.
Do you know what bifocal glasses, security mirrors, and the Franklin Stove all have in common?
I WAS reading the ECHO (December 31), when in the short points section I saw that a pair of bifocal glasses had been handed in to Huyton police station by a taxi driver.
She wore bifocal glasses, a Sekonda watch and wedding, engagement and eternity rings.