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In my case I had them place the bifocal in the upper part of my right lens.
A portion of these people can be successful with bifocal LASIK, but not everyone.
Generally recognized as an invention of Benjamin Franklin's in the 1700s, bifocals are eyeglasses with two distinct optical powers that give wearers the ability to clearly see objects both near and far.
Rosenthal recommends purchasing a pair of glasses for reading and computer work, or else, bifocals, which have areas for near and distance vision.
While the results of a subgroup of studies showed that there was no significant gender-related difference in the eye's ability to focus clearly on objects at near distances, the overall analysis provided evidence that women have a need for higher power reading glasses or bifocals than men of an equivalent age.
Contact lens wearers deal with this by either wearing bifocal contact lenses or by being fit with monovision contacts.
Sunburst diving beetle (Thermonectus marmoratus) larvae possess a grand total of 12 eyes, four of which are naturally bifocal, researchers reported October 17.
Bifocal will interest teens of all colors and backgrounds and will make an excellent resource for teachers who wish to discuss controversial issues in their classrooms.
With 50 around the corner and having worn glasses since I was 11, I am actually a late bloomer to this bifocal business.
Sport Bifocal Safety Glasses are now available in clear, orange curing, green casting, amber, smoked and the new photochromatic configurations.
Dr Maggie Woodhouse, who is leading the bifocal study funded by the Health Foundation, said: "Our study provides further evidence in support of more widespread use of bifocal lenses for this group of young people.
The five books chosen were: Bifocal by Deborah Ellis and Eric Walters; Johnny Kellock Died Todayby Hadley Dyer; The Droughtlandersby Carrie Mac; The View from a Kiteby Maureen Hull and The Maestro by Tim Wynne-Jones.
To meet the needs of an aging workforce, company offers two styles of bifocal safety eyewear, each in four diopter strengths: 1.
Another unique product offered by Radians is bifocal eye protection.