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We found that before bifocal wear, Downs syndrome children have a focusing problem not because they cannot focus but because they do not focus.
Rae Skinner, 56, switched to bifocal contact lenses as her presbyopia hit.
Although they said they would never be seen dead in them, 52% are wearing bifocals and other items from the past, including jogging suits (19%), overalls (13%), and "granny glasses" (11%).
Berlin's vision in Many Thousands Gone is bifocal, in the sense that he simultaneously tracks the people who were enslaved as well as the institution of slavery that appears in the book's title; the book might well have been subtitled The First Two Centuries of North America's Enslaved.
For chemical splash protection, the RXG1 features indirect ventilation, made to fit over prescription eyewear and in a pantoscopic design to assists bifocal wearers.
specializes in disposable and frequent replacement contact lenses which it markets under such brand names as ACUVUE([R]), ACUVUE([R]) ADVANCE(TM) with HYDRACLEAR[TM], ACUVUE([R]) ADVANCE(TM) for ASTIGMATISM, ACUVUE([R]) OASYS[TM] with HYDRACLEAR[TM] PLUS, ACUVUE([R]) and ACUVUE([R]) 2, 1-DAY ACUVUE([R]), ACUVUE([R]) BIFOCAL, ACUVUE([R]) TORIC, and ACUVUE([R]) 2 COLOURS(TM).
The market for Lenses is analyzed both by Material Type (Glass, Plastic and MHI & Polycarbonate) and By Design Type (Single-Vision, Bifocal, and Progressive Addition).
Fair dos, at 75 Engelbert is less Eurovision, more bifocal vision.
London, April 26 (ANI): If you're one of the many who rely on bifocal lenses, you may soon get a new view of life this summer.
Janet Vranish from Taylor, WI asked a question regarding using bifocal glasses and having problems focusing through her peep.
You can even get tinted, disposable and bifocal lenses if you have astigmatism.
Do you know what bifocal glasses, security mirrors, and the Franklin Stove all have in common?
I WAS reading the ECHO (December 31), when in the short points section I saw that a pair of bifocal glasses had been handed in to Huyton police station by a taxi driver.
The bifocal approach was intended both to explain how and why certain myths got into place, and to clarify alternatives and points of consensus among the different methods and models that are currently being used to describe the beginnings of the Christian religion.
She wore bifocal glasses, a Sekonda watch and wedding, engagement and eternity rings.