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having two faces or fronts


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Bifacial vascular cambium: 0 = absent; 1 = present.
The bifacial cells are produced in bSolar's industrial plant in Heilbronn, Germany and have been recently incorporated into bifacial modules by numerous producers worldwide.
According to the company, Hi-MO2 provides high power, high energy yield and low LCOE, beginning a new era of high efficiency monocrystalline PERC bifacial power generation technology.
Por su parte, las caras de las piezas exhiben talla bifacial con un gradiente de trabajo que va desde el retoque marginal en ambas caras hacia el retoque bifacial extendido, incluyendo casos intermedios entre ambos extremos.
8) Total 509 (100) 577 (100) Table 2: The number of core types per raw material for both assemblages Assemblage Core type Basalt Chert Hornfels Quartz Booroola 3 Bifacial 6 Bipolar 1 Unifacial 1 11 Mount Bifacial 1 1 Alexina 1 Bipolar 2 Microblade Multifacial 2 Unifacial 1 1 1 Assemblage Core type Silcrete Total Booroola 3 Bifacial 1 7 Bipolar 1 Unifacial 5 17 Mount Bifacial 1 3 Alexina 1 Bipolar 2 Microblade 2 2 Multifacial 1 3 Unifacial 3 6 Table 3: The number and (percentage) of artefact types per raw material for both assemblages Assemblage Artefact type Quartz Silcrete Booroola 3 Broken flake 278 (66.
Dentro de los nucleos discoides encontramos dos variantes: unifacial y bifacial (Fig.
International Resource News-February 26, 2014--ET Solar to launch new Double Glass Bifacial Module at PV EXPO 2014
Las estrategias de explotacion de los nucleos se distinguen segun su facialidad--unifacial, bifacial, trifacial o multifacial--, organizacion de la talla--unipolar, bipolar o multipolar, distinguiendo entre las direcciones de los levantamientos opuestos, ortogona- Fig les o centripetos--y tipologia--epannele, discoide, Levallois y poliedro--.
Artefact 47 (Spit 11), a quartz point, has extensive bifacial flaking along both lateral margins and extending up to 8mm from each edge (Figure 4).
The transferral of bifacial point production from cryptocrystalline materials (such as silcrete and chalcedony) in the Kimberley into larger glass forms after contact has been argued to be a product of its commoditisation for consumption by and for national and international museums (Harrison 2004a).
However, if one presumes that the bifacial preparation was normally undertaken to shape the core blank, this would not have been necessary with the tabular raw material from which the Charlie Lake core was made.
Using this market situation as a stepping stone to strengthen the identity of 'China Brand' and increase their market share, Chinese companies are devoting their all strength to commercialization of low and middle priced high-efficiency Si solar cells such as Selective Emitter, MWT (Metallization Wrap-through), Bifacial before and after 2011.
La excavacion entrego una ocupacion del Holoceno Temprano con un conjunto litico (n=1661), donde predominan piezas resultantes de retoque bifacial (57,6%) y derivados de desbaste bifacial (31,5%) en materias primas de granulometria fina, destacando la obsidiana (0,1%), que es aloctona a la region.
Son especialmente abundantes las lascas de reavivado bifacial, muchas de ellas de silex de Trevino.