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having two faces or fronts


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Estos consistian principalmente en numerosos bifaces, seguidos en frecuencia por unifaces, raspadores y raederas, los cuales fueron asignados a una "cultura" de cazadores recolectores que habria ocupado la region desde hace al menos diez mil anos (Cigliano 1961).
Fifteen obsidian pieces found by a Willamette Valley landowner in June 2015 have officially been determined to be Native American artifacts - rare bifaces, or prehistoric stones that are flaked on both sides, believed to be the first ever recorded in the Willamette Valley.
Bifacial Tools: Cl contains four complete bifaces and four biface fragments.
They are in no way ideal models of mind, no more than flint bifaces are ideal models of teeth or wheels are ideal models of legs.
These tools are recognizably different from Clovis tools although they do share some similarities, including the use of biface and bladelet technology.
It is shown that within the theoretical framework of Sullivan and Rozen's method, our results seem to indicate relatively intense but small-scale, late-stage biface reduction occurring at the site, strengthening the hypothesis of 9PA7 as a seasonally occupied "hunting camp" where hunters would finish and refinish their weapons, while exploiting the local game resources.
Nery Delgado also collected in this layer a rich flint, quartz and quartzite artifact assemblage, assigned to the Middle Paleolithic, as well as to the Acheulian due to the presence of a single biface found at a depth of 5.
A fragment of a large biface broken during the production process was found alongside plenty of biface thinning and pressure flakes (Fig.
The second yielded a single Middle to Late Woodland Greenville hafted biface, and the third yielded no artifacts.
So far, the Northern Land Use crews have found a hammer stone, a biface tool that could have been either a knife or a projectile, and some other small fragments left behind by people years ago, he said, showing the bagged and tagged artifacts in the basement of the Denali Tok office.
The role of the individual agent in Acheulean biface variability: a multifactorial model.
Or la litterature comme tauromachie se trouvait etre l'arene d'une opposition entre J'engagement et l'art poetique, et ce qui persiste dans l'ecriture autobiographique d'un bout a l'autre de cet intervalle de cinquante ans qui separe la redaction de L'age d'homme et De la litterature consideree comme une tauromachie de celle du Ruban au cou d'Olympia, c'est la bivalence, l'oppositon in'herente a l'element un mais biface, le superflu artistique qui est aussi piece a conviction.
27) The gorilla carries an Acheulian biface or coup de poing, a stone tool now associated with the early hominid Homo erectus.
They consider obtaining the raw materials, the technology of biface knapping, a world typology of large cutting tools, the meaning of cleavers, and regional perspectives.
2006): Invisible handaxes and visible Acheulian biface technology at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov, Israel.