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a coffin along with its stand

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a stand to support a corpse or a coffin prior to burial

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The cure of the parish and his assistants had taken their places in the middle of the room, beside the bier.
The game lets you join delightful Bier Maidens, Bier Drinkers, an Oompah Band and Marzipan Pigs in the adventure of this action packed game.
She had first-hand experience of the new German bier which was stronger than its British counterpart.
The beer bar is the brainchild of leisure giant Tokyo Industries, which has ploughed around PS650,000 into the cellars of the Royal Buildings at City Vaults, turning the hidden gem into a Bavarian bier hall with a very authentic feel.
It follows the incredibly successful launch of Stein Bier Keller York, which has become hugely popular after just a few weeks.
Most recently Bier has worked as a senior lawyer at a Denmark-based law firm, Plesner, where he spent 28 years advising corporate clients.
The Bier Stein and Oakshire Brewery in the Whiteaker neighborhood were among the venues where local fans gathered Tuesday for a game that started at 1 p.
In addition, the Bier block should not be used in procedures which require monitoring of pulses in the distal extremity, such as a supracondylar fracture reduction.
We will rebuild and repair the chapel, but it looks like the historic cemetery bier is beyond saving.
Bier have it as a nod to the music scene they've got going on there.
That fact, coupled with the utility's rate increases, surcharges and billing processes, should prompt property owners to take measures into their own hands, says Bier.
The participants remained long before the bier, wailing over the sudden and grievous death of Kim Jong Il, outstanding leader of the party, state and army, peerlessly illustrious commander of Songun and benevolent father of the people,'' according to the report.
Four primary areas of limitations in the implementation of these programs have been identified, however (Berkowitz & Bier, 2006; Bulach & Butler, 2002; Howard, Berkowitz, & Schaeffer, 2004; Skaggs & Bodenham, 2006).
To: The coalition Government From: Carolyn Russell, co-owner of Liverpool's Bier Keller Re: Clampdown on cut-price alcohol WE AT the Bier Keller welcome the Government's pledge to ban the sale of alcohol at below cost, despite its non-inclusion in the latest Social Responsibility and Policing Bill.
AUBURN - The Police Department is moving to get another police dog after 6-1/2-year-old Bier was found dead early Sunday morning near the intersection of Interstates 290 and 395.