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Synonyms for biennial

(botany) a plant having a life cycle that normally takes two seasons from germination to death to complete

having a life cycle lasting two seasons

occurring every second year


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12 and institute the exemption increase for both years of the biennium.
Revenues for the biennium that ends June 30 are now expected to exceed projected amounts by 3.
While no decisions were made on these proposals, the discussion was helpful in formulating strategy for submitting formal proposals in the next biennium.
de Zoysa as Vice- Chair of the CoC for the next biennium was proposed by Ms.
In addition to the 26th Biennium Big Game Exhibit--the best of the best, award winners, and new World Records--there will be membership meetings, outfitter and guide booths, luncheons, the Trust Fund Golf Tournament, 2009 Conservation Auction, photo and art contest, the 26th Biennium Awards Banquet with featured guest entertainer Gary Morris, and much more.
New ARRT registrants who pass their initial certification exam begin their CE biennium on the first day of their next birth month and end two years later on the last day of the month preceding their birth month.
Everyone can share the excitement as the Convention delegate body debates and adopts the 2006-08 National Program, the LWVUS Budget for the next fiscal year and amendments to the LWVUS Bylaws; and elects National Board officers, directors and nominating committee for the next biennium.
National chairs who served during the 2001-2003 biennium included, from left, Carolyn Malnes, local associations; Gail Berenson, NCTM, conferences Tom Ediger, NCTM, composer commissioning; and Phyllis Lehrer, NCTM, college faculty forum.
The ending general fund balance for the biennium of $35 million was deposited into the state's rainy day fund.
The study found that Combs' 2011 estimate, which forecasted how much revenue the state would collect during the 2012-13 biennium, was off by $11.
Faster-than-expected growth in personal income revenues has triggered refunds eight times since the 1979-81 biennium.
This document presents the following information: (1) Summary of State Statutory and Constitutional Responsibility; (2) Summary of Administrative Rulemaking Activity; (3) Summary of Federal Programs and other Educational Partnerships Administered by the Department; (4) Agency Activities and Services; (5) Summary of Legislation Passed During the Biennium; (6) Long Range Goals; (7) Trends for 2009-2011; (8) Agency Accomplishments 2007-2009; (9) Schools Approved and Accredited 2007-2009; (10) Completed Projects; (11) Schedule of Changes to Appropriation for Biennium Ended 6-30-09; (12) Comparison of Expenditures to Appropriation for the Biennium Ended 6-30-09; and (13) Expenditure Report for the Biennium Ended 6-30-09.
I thank you for that and for the confidence you have shown in me, and I pledge to lead this organization to the best of my ability throughout the coming biennium.
As we approach the end of the biennium, in this, the final column from this MTNA president, it seems appropriate to assess MTNA's accomplishments with regard to the agenda the Board of Directors adopted at the very beginning of this biennium.
PIT collections have been volatile, falling 12% in the 2001 - 2003 biennium and rising by nearly 17% in the 2003 - 2005 biennium and 23% in the 2005 - 2007 biennium.