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Synonyms for biennial

(botany) a plant having a life cycle that normally takes two seasons from germination to death to complete

having a life cycle lasting two seasons

occurring every second year


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I'll include Documenta in this, but that isn't even a biennial because it happens every five years.
Biennial artistic director Sally Tallant says: "Liverpool Biennial 2016 explores fictions, stories and histories, taking viewers on a series of voyages through time and space, drawing on Liverpool's past, present and future.
The number marks the highest ever admission to the biennial, organized by the ystanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (yKSV).
The biennial is organised by the Sharjah Children's Centres and will be held at the Sharjah Arts Museum till December 31; and at the Children's Centre in Mughayder from January 9 till February 9, 2015.
A significant number of artists in Asia took to such practices with gusto through the late 1980s and '90s, which may well have had less to do with rejecting a modernist paradigm (as it had been with the neo-avant-garde) and more to do with a proliferation of exhibiting conditions that favoured new media--that is, the space of the biennial.
The biennial, with the theme aACAyRe:emerge- Towards a New Cultural Cartography", is curated by Yuko Hasegawa, who proposes a new cultural cartography that reconsiders the relationship between the Arab world, Asia, the Far East, through North Africa to Latin America.
The Dubai Helishow 2012 - a biennial helicopter exhibition - will be held on 6-8 November this year at Meydan Racecourse.
Because of actions taken in the "Special House," where the Transformation Bylaws were reviewed, several Biennial Bylaws were not reviewed because they were no longer relevant.
She will succeed Lewis Biggs, who has been with the Biennial as a board member and then as its director since its inception in 1998.
The Sharjah Call for Action -- signed by scores of local, regional and international artists, critics, curators and scholars, including such prominent figures as Mona Hatoum and Sophie Calle -- is the latest in a series of dramatic, rapid-fire developments stemming from the 10th edition of the Sharjah Biennial, which opened on March 16.
Launching July 1, the Biennial of the Americas, will be a World's Fair of art and ideas for the Western Hemisphere.
The term biennial refers to a flower which flowers the year after seed is sown and then dies.
ISTANBUL, Sep 10, 2009 (TUR) -- The 11th International Istanbul Biennial will begin on September 12.
Local government the PR team, even the biennial director and curator, architect Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar, have said that the Second Biennial of the Canary Islands is about hosting a cultural event for local people.
The prime example here is Mai Abu ElDahab, Anton Vidokle, and Florian Waldvogel's attempt, albeit ultimately unsuccessful, to reimagine Manifesta 6 as an experimental art academy, but one could also mention Documenta 12, with its emphasis on workshops and colloquy, or New York's performance-only biennial, Performa, now heading toward its third edition.