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Synonyms for bid

Synonyms for bid

to request that someone take part in or be present at a particular occasion


to make an offer of


something offered

a spoken or written request for someone to take part or be present

Synonyms for bid

an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

an attempt to get something

a formal proposal to buy at a specified price

(bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make

ask for or request earnestly

make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands

make a serious effort to attain something

Related Words

ask someone in a friendly way to do something

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His characterization of BIDs as somewhat consensual belies the reality, at least in california.
Our bid management capability allows all bidders to have access to all information.
Graham, the LAUSD's director of real estate, learned by mid-August that TEC was among the companies preparing a Belmont bid and was concerned Baize ``would have access to confidential information and LAUSD proprietary information located within the Real Estate Department that was not available to other bidders.
You should almost always have delivered bids especially one worth $30 million.
As a result, investors have the same incentive to pool bids and place customer orders at dealers.
As we move towards the launch date, I look forward to BIDS achieving its goal of creating a deep liquidity pool for all market participants to anonymously trade large block orders.
Dan Biederman, president of the 34th Street Partnership and executive director of the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation, called the announcement "a 180 degree turnaround" from the former administration's stance on BIDs.
I went to help a client with an Air Force bid once worth about $25 million.
City government has walked away from millions in revenue by throwing out the bids and losing all of the benefits provided in the House of Blues Concerts' winning bid, and, most unfortunately, city officials have turned their ears away from the voice of the people.
For the past month we have been undertaking spot checks of customer bids submitted through primary dealers, verifying the authenticity of those bids directly with the indicated customer.
His diverse background working in city government and with the Parks Department will be very valuable to the BID," said Kaufman.
In one case, GAO ruled that even though the agency had 110 bids the fact that the IFB only allowed one brand to be bid was illegal.
He rejected Friedman's contention that with a new commissioner, David Michaelson, principal deputy county counsel, to break any deadlock, the old bids could be resurrected.
Contractors around the world and in every specialty have used Quest's products to streamline their estimating processes, win more bids, and make more money.