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reactive or functioning or allowing movement in two usually opposite directions

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Various AQPs that bidirectionally conduct silicon also have been described, such as NIPs in plants (Bhattacharjee et al.
Each mobile sink was restricted to move in only two directions bidirectionally at a constant speed of about 10m per second.
Of these, 5660 nonreference variants were covered bidirectionally by the Sanger sequencing data.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- ystanbul Bosphorus Bridge was closed to traffic on Tuesday bidirectionally due to a suspected car.
It affects anxiety bidirectionally in dose-dependent manner and improves learning and object recognition memory [24,26].
The umbilical cord acts as a conduit through which metabolic products and byproducts, such as nutrients, antibodies, iron, and blood, pass bidirectionally between a mother and her baby.
2009) Upper and lower limb muscle activation is bidirectionally and ipsilaterally coupled.
This lends itself to the ongoing problem where the symptoms of these conditions influence each other bidirectionally and lead to a cyclic pattern of disease processes.
An RPMI 1640 agar plate was inoculated by streaking a conidia-laden cotton swab bidirectionally across the surface of the plate.
We agree that communication must be bidirectionally wide open between the BHP and the PCP.
Intent works bidirectionally, adding two dimensions to your view of the customer.
Found in the basic tab the shared Clipboard can copy data unidirectionally or bidirectionally.
The interacting determinants of the triadic reciprocality model influence each other bidirectionally (Bandura, 1986).
Acute effects of AMPA-type glutamate receptor antagonists on intermale social behavior in two mouse lines bidirectionally selected for offensive aggression.