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Antonyms for bidirectional

reactive or functioning or allowing movement in two usually opposite directions

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With the good directional radiation characteristic of Yagi-Uda antenna, it is a good choice to achieve our bidirectional radiation target.
LeCroy's PETracer ML provides complete bidirectional capture and decode of x8, x4, x2, and x1 PCI Express links.
This is an important milestone for us and we are delighted that Dasan Networks, Korea's leading supplier of broadband equipment, has selected Phothena's bidirectional SFF optical transceiver for its optical Ethernet solutions," said Dr.
0 specification defines the requirements for bidirectional OpenCable(TM) Host Devices.
8 Gbps, 656 Mbps and 327 Mbps of bidirectional encryption and compression throughput for the FC-1500, FC-500 and FC-250 respectfully at maximum client load
Blast Radius, the world leader in XML content creation and collaboration solutions, today announced it will include bidirectional support for XML content creation in its upcoming release of XMetaL Author and XMAX.
The Avago ACSL-6410 quad-channel bidirectional optocoupler is priced at $3.
The bidirectional integration of ROBOT Millennium enables Revit Structure users to carry out both regular and advanced analysis on any kind of building structure using the same model throughout the design and analysis process.
Other SSL VPNs, like Juniper, offer a Layer 3 tunnel "add on" solution, which has to be managed via a separate policy engine, is subject to network conflicts, and lacks bidirectional tunnel controls.