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a basin for washing genitals and anal area

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Luxe bidets provide an efficient method to clean the private parts.
com, considers bidets to be "a key green technology" because they eliminate the use of toilet paper.
American Bidet offers a range of options: Top-of-the-line "Deluxe Wash 'n' Dry" with hand- or foot-operated remote controls and warm air dryers costs $995, while the "Capri" and "Bidet-O-Matic," which are nonelectric attachments using warm or cold water, cost $175.
In order to further emphasize the natural pebble look, Villeroy & Boch has developed Grey Stone, a superior glaze with a grey stone look, especially for the top-mounted wash-basins, the bidet, washdown WC and corresponding accessories.
Julie says the bathroom is archaic and that she would love a shower and a bidet.
Kielder Water may never serve the purpose for which it was originally built, but you will just have to look on it as the biggest bidet in England.
The range, which includes basins, bidets, wcs and urinals, is designed for public use -- hospitals, offices and stations -- as well as domestic use, and is competitive in price.
The vignettes, which Smithman brought back from a National Bath and Kitchen Show exhibit in Orlando, are complete with bathtubs, sinks, toilets, bidets, and tiled floors and walls up to the ceiling.
Aisin Seiki had produced bidets in Japan and supplied them to Inax on an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) basis.
An outbreak of group A hemolytic streptococcal puerperal sepsis was traced to the communal use of bidets (35).
You are supposed to plumb bidets in to the "foul" waste (the loo in other words).
Surprisingly, some tank flushers act more like bidets, with a great deal of splash-up from the force of the rushing water.
com/research/3acbf2ac/toilets_bidets_i) has announced the addition of the "Toilets & Bidets in BRIC to 2015: Market Guide" report to their offering.
Luxe bidets are an easy, inexpensive green bathroom appliance that can improve hygiene and protect the environment
Segment-wise, Water Closets & Bidets is the most dominant segment in the country due to its high demand from residential and commercial sector.