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a basin for washing genitals and anal area

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Tesi, Ceraflex or Cerasprint bidet mixers is a must, if you choose to install a Connect Air or Tesi bidet.
gl/kYyatp, a great website for learning about bidets.
The line also offers a six models of toilets and bidets designed to suit diverse bathroom layouts.
Our product attaches directly to the toilet's water supply and typical bidet plumbing is eliminated while the air dryer cuts paper usage by more than half.
A spokesman said: "Severn Trent is not calling customers to offer free bidets.
The museum also details how the bidet made its first appearance in 1701 in Versailles, France.
The personalised logo service is available on BC Sanitan's wash basins, bidets and toilets, with a choice of seven bathroom suites.
Dear EarthTalk: Wouldn't a return to installing bidets in bathrooms at home go a long way toward cutting disposable tissue use and saving forests?
Bidets are low-mounted, sink-like washing basins used for centuries in Europe.
C[pounds sterling]Omnia architectura is responding to the current strong demand in the building sector for functional, rectangular washbasins and corresponding WCs, bidets and baths with a range extension,C[yen] he said.
As for bidets, whenever I found these strange appliances in the houses of wealthy friends or relatives (not that we have many) I used to assume they were for washing your feet.
I understand that many of these new householders are having bidets installed.
A private, luxurious 800-square-foot suite welcomes you with amenities that include steambath, bidets, and the finest towels and bathrobes to pamper yourself.
The range, which includes basins, bidets, wcs and urinals, is designed for public use -- hospitals, offices and stations -- as well as domestic use, and is competitive in price.
The vignettes, which Smithman brought back from a National Bath and Kitchen Show exhibit in Orlando, are complete with bathtubs, sinks, toilets, bidets, and tiled floors and walls up to the ceiling.