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a basin for washing genitals and anal area

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The modern bidet marketed in the States, such as the Luxe Bidet, is designed to be a non-intimidating, user-friendly bathroom device to maintain optimal hygiene and well-being.
So Andy set about creating a special portable, battery-powered bidet and commode system with a remote control function suitable for most disabled people including the blind.
It's self-flushing and self-cleaning, includes a bidet and has a heated seat with an automatic lid that lifts and lowers itself.
The family bathroom features a panelled bath, vanity wash basin, low level WC and bidet.
The museum has an extensive display of chamber pots, toilet furniture, bidets and water closets in use from 1145 AD onwards.
He would like to someday pair a bidet with a composting sawdust toilet for the ultimate green bathroom experience.
Paperless toilets are a combination of bidet and toilet, and mostA fit onto existing toilets.
QI'M a carer and have seen an electric bidet that might be suitable for some of my client's needs, but it cost more than pounds 2500.
In order to further emphasize the natural pebble look, Villeroy & Boch has developed Grey Stone, a superior glaze with a grey stone look, especially for the top-mounted wash-basins, the bidet, washdown WC and corresponding accessories.
So I ended up sort of hovering, shaking hands with Neil Diamond, me crouched over like I was on an invisible bidet.
The line is rounded off by a wall-mounted WC and bidet.
Julie says the bathroom is archaic and that she would love a shower and a bidet.
This also has a vanity unit with twin wash basins, toilet and bidet.
There is also an en suite shower room with vanity wash basin, bidet, low level wc and shower cubicle.
Both lines include fixtures for the wash basin, bidet, shower and bath, and functional as well as decorative accessories, such as towel rods, soap dispensers and jewelry trays.