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having toothlike projections that are themselves toothed

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10 mm in diameter at the apex, green, glabrous, sepals oblong-elliptic, apex obtuse and slightly emarginate, 27-34 x 17-18 mm, inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote inside, glabrous outside, free, ecarinate, yellowish-green, distinctly convex, thinly coriaceous except for the thicker base, petals narrowly ovate, apex narrowly emarginate, 55-58 x 22 mm, pale yellow, connate at the base for 3-4 mm, suberect and distinctly recurved toward the apex, forming a campanulate corolla 30-40 mm in diameter at the apex, bearing at the base 2 sublinear, acuminate to bidentate, 12-13 x 2 mm appendages adnate to the petals for ca.
As is consistent with the formation of bidentate links to the surface, the effects of pH can be explained by considering the divalent ion.
This observation is alsoin accordance with results obtained from IR spectraldata that carbonyl group (C=O) is involved in coordination and thus also supports the monodentate and bidentate mode of coordination of SUs ligands.
cambrai with the dicranius and mirabilis species-groups, but it is distinctly separated from both these species-groups by the lack of a clypeal horn (in males), or by the apex of clypeus truncate or slightly sinuate, not bidentate (in females).
Thymidine like uridine acts as a bidentate ligand involving N(3) and O(4) in metal binding [7] and rules out the possibility to bind through the deoxyribose unit [8].
forms very stable bidentate chelates with phthalate groups, which can even prevent silver NP formation.
The elongate, not laterally dilated, body and lack of a tuberculate longitudinal median bulge on the mesosternum of females, as well as structures of the male genitalia, such as the conspicuously enlarged cerci and apically bidentate poculum, show Aplopocranidium to be closely related to Jeremiodes Hennemann & Conle, 2007 and Jeremia Redtenbacher, 1908, consequently to belong in the tribe Cladomorphini.
9 x 7 mm, subcylindrical, green, glabrous; sepals slightly asymmetrical, subelliptic-obovate, apex subacute, 35-36 x 12-13 mm, glabrous, free, ecarinate, yellowish-green, thin in texture; petals sublinear, apex narrowly obtuse-cucullate, 81-82 x 7-8 mm, bright yellow, strongly recurved at anthesis, completely exposing the stamens, becoming pendent-flaccidescent afterwards, bearing at the base 2 linear, prevailingly acuminate, but sometimes subobtuse or bidentate, entire, ca.
Protibia bidentate, teeth large rounded; tibial surface covered with white, short setae; setae more dense on inner side of dorsal surface.
Bidentate ligands such as 2,4- and 2,5-pyridine dicarboxylic acids have been studied and shown promising results with both Ni(II) and Co(II) salts.
Superior simple seta thin, bidentate, slightly curved; superior setae in median and posterior setigers straight, bidentate (Fig.
Kepert's treatment of coordination numbers and geometrics, especially for complexes with bidentate ligands and mixed monodentate-bidentate complexes, follows his book on the same subject, and is logically placed as the second chapter.
2 Supramolecular Construction of Chelating Bidentate Ligand Libraries through Hydrogen Bonding: Concept and Applications in Homogeneous Metal Complex Catalysis (Bernhard Breit).