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having toothlike projections that are themselves toothed

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Polhemus (2013), with the same male fore tibial morphology and distinctively reduced, bidentate male metasternal process.
Thus, in the present study, HIMPA, a molecule with two phosphonic acid groups on one end and an--OH group on the other end, was used as a bidentate chelating agent to link the non-ionic hydroxyl groups to HA (Fig.
Enlarged hooks (3 4) on the fifth setiger each had a lateral twisted spur, and on setiger 7 there were 2 3 bidentate sigmoid hooded hooks in the ventral position.
5 mm, golden yellow, strongly spirally recurved at anthesis, completely exposing the stamens, becoming pendent-flaccidescent afterwards, bearing at the base 2 linear, obtuse to irregularly bidentate, 10-17 x 1.
Bidentate chelators typically form 3:1 complexes with the normally six coordinate ferric ion.
The material is presented in sections on chiral monodentate phosphorous ligands, chiral bidentate phosphorous ligand diphosphines, mixed P-ligands, hybrid monophosphorous ligands, chiral polyphosphorous ligands, dynamic processes of P-ligands and their complexes, chiral ligands for reactions in alternative media and concepts of heterogenization, P-ligands bound to chiral biomolecules, mixtures of monodentate P-ligands in stereo- and regioselective transition metal catalysis, general methods for the synthesis of chiral trivalent phosphorous compounds, controlling regio- and stereochemistry in metal-catalyzed and metal-mediated reactions with the aid of substrate-bound reagent-directing phosphine groups, characterization of P-ligands and metal complexes, and industrial aspects.
As a ligand, they form structurally different complexes with many metal ions in which thiosemicarbazones act as a bidentate ligand and bind to the metals through the sulfur and azomethine nitrogen atom.
Both TPG and glycerol have multiple -OH groups capable of forming chemical bonds with titanium and previous studies have shown that bidentate ligands are more strongly bound and less susceptible to hydrolysis.
Abstract: Deferiprone is a bidentate oral iron chelator used for the treatment of transfusional iron overload in people.
In the Hpta (pivaloyltrifluoroacetone) and Hhfa (hexafluoroacetylacetone) systems [30] involving the bidentate neutral ligand 1,10-phenantroline, the separation factor was improved by the synergistic extraction of rare earths (La, Sm, Tb, and Lu).
Subsequently, a silver(I)-mediated transmetalation strategy was attempted and shown to generate complexes tentatively identified as bidentate (NHC)2Ir species lacking the desired aryl carbon-iridium bond.
This preference for di- and tri-carboxylic acid groups reflects the greater stability constants for complexes with Fe or Al in solution or on colloid surfaces and their increased capacity to form bidentate ligand exchange bonds.
The presence of a bulky bidentate polar modifier at the chain end may decrease linking efficiencies, similar in effect to the presence of sterically hindered monomer units at the chain terminus (ref.