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  • verb

Synonyms for bide

to continue to be in a place

to stop temporarily and remain, as if reluctant to leave

Synonyms for bide

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Abdul Basit Director BIDE and the moving spirit behind this academic event in his speech said that we need to revise guidelines.
Bide Pharmatech, established in 2007 in Shanghai (China), focuses on the development and production of advanced building blocks and pharmaceutical intermediates.
The investment in sass & bide is entirely consistent with our strategy for growth which is about opening new stores, investing in store refurbishments and refreshments, growing and leveraging MYER one and introducing new product categories, brands, concepts and concessions," said Mr Brookes.
Them teors in hor eyes 'ill cry till shi dies, shicud weell bide wi us neath this heap.
These makeshift Romans bide their time by performing their fate.
But Barnes believes that ( as a player still learning his trade ( Downing should bide his time, continue his education and prepare himself for a big future.
Irene Bide, 56, was walking along Allendale Road, Ormesby, on her way back from the post office when the attacker rode up behind her on a bike and snatched her handbag.
He went on to say that since Islamic nations are virtually the only ones with healthy birth rates, all they need do to secure global domination is to bide their time.
STEPHEN HUGHES has seen Old Firm rival Jamie Smith's patience pay off with a Celtic and Scotland place and has vowed to bide his time at Ibrox in a bid to reap the same rewards.
Like other products in the Altro safety flooring range, Altro Impressionist II has aluminum oxide and colored quartz throughout the thickness, with silicon car bide in the surface to provide durability and long-term slip resistance.
Collections of his stories include Xiao Bide (1931; "Little Bide"), Tuanyuan (1935; "Family Reunion"), and Suxie sanpian (1943; "Three Sketches").
As the pre-eminent provider of financial services, Macquarie Bank sees its relationship with PrimeRevenue as providing highly differentiated value to our corporate customers and their supply chains," said Paul Bide, Executive Director, Debt Markets at Macquarie Bank.
Abdul Basit, Director Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) discussed the BIDE model of CRC and different steps.
This Sass and Bide batwing sweater with a low back, is PS130 and new in now.