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Synonyms for bidding

Synonyms for bidding

Synonyms for bidding

an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

a request to be present


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(bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make

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To understand the bidding behavior that the proxy bidding system elicits, it will help to first consider how different the auction would be if instead of informing all bidders about the bid history at each point of time during the auction, the auction were a second-price sealed-bid auction (in which nobody is informed about the proxy bids of other bidders until the auction is over).
But given the star-crossed history of Belmont, the nation's costliest school, critics said the latest problem called into question the bidding process itself and Romer's effort to complete the $175 million project that was abandoned over serious environmental problems.
The architect claims that the board changed the bidding process from the get go.
By the second measure, the auction can be a private affair with sealed bids opened by the auctioneer, or it can be conducted in real time, with participants in a single room or connected by phone bidding in public.
Salomon was also bidding for 35 percent in its own name and, as emerged later, for yet another 35 percent under still another fabricated customer name.
Our industry leading services compliment each other and we are pleased to be able to join forces in an effort to help streamline the bidding process, explains Rich Johnson, The Blue Book's General Manager.
Instead of trying to win the contract again, House of Blues will challenge the process by pursuing its $10 million lawsuit charging city officials ``engaged in a sham competitive bidding process.
The bank's representative, who actually received instructions to start his bidding at $160,000, made a mistake by bidding the much lower amount and not raising his bid.
NAA will now become the umbrella organization for the "competitive bidding method of marketing," including live, Internet and sealed bid auctions.
In Brazil, rumors grew earlier this week that three additional groups had interest in bidding for Varig.
House of Blues Concerts plans to file a $10 million lawsuit against Los Angeles today, saying the city ``engaged in a sham competitive bidding process'' and political favoritism over the Greek Theatre's operating concession.
The process involves three phases: Pre-construction Bidding, and Construction.
Under the current mechanism, if they don't think carefully about their bidding strategies, they can end up paying a lot more to the search engines than they need to," Ostrovsky says.
After a hiatus since 1987 when the 11th bid was submitted, this is the longest span of time Los Angeles has gone without bidding for the Olympics since 1920.
At the public auction, a representative of the bank at the bidding had been given erroneous information.