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someone who makes an offer

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someone who makes a bid at cards

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Eastbank Fish Hatchery office building replacement, Chelan County Public Utility District; apparent low bidder was Blodgett Construction of Malaga.
PHOENIX, April 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- AZ Bidder LLC, the nation's largest foreclosure bidding service, announced that it has reached agreement with Posted Properties LLC to integrate Posted's real estate brokerage and auction bidding services into its organization.
An occasion of non-compliance arises where the bidder has accepted, or a Court has determined, that additional tax is payable in circumstances where certain specific anti-avoidance rules apply.
5) The prevalence of studies that show very small changes in bidder behavior as the seller's reputation improves has led to an apparent consensus that the returns to reputation in Internet auctions are indeed quite small.
With the service, PAYGENT serves as an auction intermediary between bidders and sellers, by ensuring that sellers can send their goods to bidders only after confirming bidder's payment while sellers can receive payment only after confirming bidders' receipt of goods.
Imagine that your company was the low bidder on a multi-million dollar project and you were anxious, after learning that the award was "held up" for an undetermined reason, to obtain more information from the agency.
Here is an example of how past project information can be used by the estimator/ bidder.
WOODLAND HILLS - The sale procedures involving bankrupt Ritter Ranch continue to stall, as the debtor and equity holders say the trustee is ``unfairly wedded'' to the property's lead bidder.
Seven other studies find no effect on bidder returns, three studies find positive returns, and four find mixed effects on bidder returns.
In the competing bid the Konami Bidder offered to purchase substantially all of the assets of the Company in a transaction under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code.
Bidder must complete the attached Vendor Information Form (Attachment D) to identify designated contact people, to provide information regarding the size of the bidder s company, and other information as requested.
NCR Seal 2015, multiple counties, WSDOT; apparent low bidder was Central Washington Asphalt.
4 billion sale of the GM Building in 2003, alleging that the former owner's disposition of the landmark building was accomplished through an auction that unfairly favored rival bidder, Macklowe Properties.
But Romer said each bidder submitted a plan to provide insurance on the project for only 30 years at most.
The advisor will also exercise his judgment at this time as to whether or not a prospective bidder will be willing and able to complete a transaction at a "satisfactory" price.