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Synonyms for biddable

willing to carry out the wishes of others

Synonyms for biddable

willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest


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I won't claim that all Spinones are extremely biddable," he continued.
Many Ukrainian TV channels and much of Ukraine's press are owned by biddable oligarchs or those who still have links to Russian business.
It's one of the many ironies of the book that this little beast is more biddable in the care of his harried dad.
Centerfield develops digital advertising technology focused on real time biddable media which enables targeting and acquisition of high performing, high life time value customers for its clients across numerous industries.
Jim Banks - Global Head of Biddable Media at Cheapflights, a part of the Momondo Group
Beleaguered Jeremy Corbyn must reach out to sceptical if biddable comrades in the House of Commons.
They often tell me they find the British press frightening and outrageous, and certainly the Westminster press pack are far less biddable than their Chinese counterparts.
A lot of dragons in fact, each one different from the last, billowing and silken, biddable and comforting, firebreathing and terrifying - representing the lad's journey through grief.
Additionally, a key decision that host governments face when designing an auction is selecting the biddable parameters.
Obama will find it hard to get the necessary votes to endorse his proposed deal with Iran, even if the newly biddable Congress has agreed that he can send troops into Iraq and possibly Syria as required.
But what of those who, heedless, danced with death - Who saw self-interest served by such an act: The jingo-jo imperialists, For ever covetous of empire; The global fiscal speculators, Sniffing out a dead-cert killing; The biddable industrialists, Only too willing to turn colanders into cannons; The rabid militarists, Coventry itching to unleash the machinery of slaughter - Shall we remember them, too?
I'm a biddable patient, and go along with what my excellent NHS GP tells me.
26, 2010, the MWSS and the concessionaires were still waiting for the TWG to "hire a consultant to evaluate the most viable and best replacement source and to prepare the selected source biddable by 2012.
ItOs biddable in town and even surprisingly frugal with the fuel.
Biddable items include a signed Everton photograph, racing silKs and clothing from Highclere Racing Stud, Huddersfield Town signed shirt, signed rugby ball from Dermot O'Leary and many football match ticKets.