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Synonyms for biddable

willing to carry out the wishes of others

Synonyms for biddable

willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest


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Krick has directed Essence's North America biddable practice since 2013.
In Lebanon, one concern is the intention to include three biddable factors, of which two are important fiscal parameters, namely: the limit on the amount companies can claim as cost each year (the "cost recovery ceiling") and the sharing of profit between the investor and the government ("profit oil"), in addition to the commonly used proposed work program.
Obama will find it hard to get the necessary votes to endorse his proposed deal with Iran, even if the newly biddable Congress has agreed that he can send troops into Iraq and possibly Syria as required.
LCG will forecast the expected value of all CRR biddable locations over the peak and off-peak periods of 2015.
But what of those who, heedless, danced with death - Who saw self-interest served by such an act: The jingo-jo imperialists, For ever covetous of empire; The global fiscal speculators, Sniffing out a dead-cert killing; The biddable industrialists, Only too willing to turn colanders into cannons; The rabid militarists, Coventry itching to unleash the machinery of slaughter - Shall we remember them, too?
I'm a biddable patient, and go along with what my excellent NHS GP tells me.
ItOs biddable in town and even surprisingly frugal with the fuel.
Biddable items include a signed Everton photograph, racing silKs and clothing from Highclere Racing Stud, Huddersfield Town signed shirt, signed rugby ball from Dermot O'Leary and many football match ticKets.
A full 360-degree approach to a digital plan could include display ads to drive awareness, social media and content marketing to drive engagement and the use of biddable media like PPC to drive conversion.
Both writers note that there are plenty of biddable pointers that not only do a fine job in the field but also make excellent companion dogs--they're more than just bird-hunting machines best suited to spending all their down time in an outdoor kennel, in other words.
Well, they seem to tend to manifest themselves in rather negative language - too 'shouty', too 'fighty', too 'won't sit still for five minutes', too 'unfocused', too generally not 'quiet, biddable, studious enough' - too in danger of not reaching the hallowed, desired ground called 'five GCSEs, grades A - C'.
Delivering on these functions in real-time is an integral part of the company's focus on programmatic buying, which helps publishers and advertisers work more efficiently together by setting an agreed-upon price for biddable impressions in an auction-based scenario.
Even the most biddable citizen could be forgiven for taking the hump.
the real problem here is the BBC's decision, in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry, to play safe by appointing biddable people.
According to numerous trainers, the Lagotto is a smart, biddable dog that loves the water, and loves to dig due to its nature as a scent retriever.