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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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Early feedback from Raymond James indicates that there are a few favorite features, including the ability to call up recent searches, create bond ladders easily, and obtain real-time status updates of orders and bid wanted requests.
Unlike electronically based competitors, RW Smith disseminates bid wanted items and offerings electronically while simultaneously reaching out, one call at a time, to buying desks across the country.
During the Second Quarter of this year, HTDonline will offer live electronic Bid Wanted capability for all Municipal securities traded by HTD, followed by real-time price negotiation and execution of any secondary Municipal bond offering.
Hartfield, Titus & Donnelly (HTD) today announced that it has teamed with Garban-Intercapital plc (LSE: GBN) to develop HTDonline, a new Website that offers one of the most extensive lists of secondary offerings and Bid Wanteds in the Municipal bond market.
Currently, HTDonline offers web-based access to prices for over 2,500 municipal bond offerings valued collectively at over $2 billion, and hundreds of Bid Wanteds on a daily basis.